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Botox Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

Say goodbye to deodorant messing up your dark clothes!  Botox® can be used in the underarms to treat sweating.  Whether you have excessive sweating or are simply sensitive to antiperspirants or deodorant, Botox can be used to give you the long lasting benefits of decreased sweating in the underarm areas.  Dr. Chiu will use an iodine test to see where your most hyperactive sweat glands are and concentrate treatment in that area. Typically sweating is significantly reduced for 1-1.5 years with this treatment.

Common Questions:

1. Is it safe?

Yes, treatment of excessive sweating with Botox is approved by the FDA. These are excess sweat glands that are often hyperactive in areas we do not want. Just as it is safe to use antiperspirant, Botox for sweating would just be a longer more convenient version of that. It is great if you do not want to get messy deodorant on clothing, cannot get enough control with just deodorant, or want to avoid the social embarrassment of wet underarms.

2. How long does it last?

Botox for underarm sweating has been shown to reduce sweating for 1-1.5 years!

3. Does it hurt?

At The Derm Institute we apply a topical numbing cream which takes away almost all discomfort. This is a very, very easy and comfortable procedure for our patients.

4. Why is this procedure popular?

This procedure provides convenience to anyone who would rather not use deodorant daily. We also often treat patients for special events, such as brides who do not want to sweat during their wedding or honeymoon and do not want a product that messes up light or dark colored clothing.


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