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Prevelle Silk

Known as the “lunchtime filler”, Prevelle® Silk (another hyaluronic acid product) differs from Restylane and Juvederm in that it has a slightly “thinner” silkier consistency that we find works well in finer lines or thinner skinned areas such as the vertical lip lines or crow’s feet.  With a 3-4 month duration, Prevelle Silk does not last as long as the other fillers.  Because of its unique crosslinking, this product has less potential of swelling compared to the other hyaluronic acid based products and is a fairly comfortable and quick procedure.  Prevelle Silk is a great choice for a first time filler patient, someone on a more limited budget, or simply because of less potential swelling which allows a patient to go to an event that same night.

Please read our Pre and Post Filler directions for best results and what to expect.

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