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Rejuvenation Treatments for Men: Bro-Tox, Fillers, and Treatment of Body Fat

Reversing the signs of aging, or just the stressors of high-demanding jobs and long hours is now in demand among men more than ever.  In the last few years, men seeking rejuvenation procedures have increased dramatically, especially amongst professional men.  For our patients at The Derm Institute, procedures like “Bro-Tox”, lasers to reverse sun damage or rednessfillers for facial folds, or elimination of stubborn fat like the love handles is not about being vain, it is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having your skin and body reflect that.

Our male patients are typically looking to look more “relaxed”, “approachable”, ‘refreshed”, and in general, less tired.  Looking healthy can also be important in an ever more competitive job market.

Radiesse for men


botox before and after ma-1


Dr. Chiu utilizes results-driven individualized treatment to make sure every male patient ends up with natural, subtle rejuvenation and improved skin tone.  Every patient is different and cosmetic approaches for men are very different than for women.  Dr. Chiu is skilled in perfecting a subtle rejuvenation that just gives our male patients a rested and refreshed appearance.  Wrinkles are softened not “frozen”, hollows are blended not overfilled, the face and jawline are defined, not lifted or feminized.

Treatments for men include:

Vanquish before and after male

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