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Restylane Silk Early availability at The Derm Institute

Restlyane Silk is newest filler approved by the FDA for the treatment of fine lines around the lips.  Vertical lip lines, commonly referred to as “smoker’s lines” is an extremely aging feature on the face.  These lines usually develop as a result of repeated puckering, sucking with a straw,drinking with water bottles, pursing of the lips, and smoking.

Modified 11/22/06 19:03 AlterImage® V3.10Injection of soft gel like fillers can fill in these types of fine lines and wrinkles, but because of the deeply etched nature of these lines, other fillers could not quite achieve an elegant silky fill without bulking up the surrounding skin.  Restlyane Silk is the cousin of classic Restylane.  All products in the Restylane family are injectable gels made of hyaluronic acid sugar molecules which are naturally found in the skin.  The difference in Restylane Silk is its particle size.  The sugar molecules are made of smaller particles that is specifically made for fine etched lines around the mouth area.  Expert injectors such as Dr. Chiu can also use Restylane Silk very carefully to address etched forehead or frown lines that do not go away with Botox and Dysport, as well as horizontal necklace lines to smooth the neck.

Common Questions:

Where are the best places to inject Restylane Silk?

Resylane Silk is FDA-Approved for improving the fine wrinkles around the mouth, commonly referred to as “smoker lines” or “lipstick lines”. Because of its fine particle size, Restlyane Silk can be used to correct other fine, or etched lines, such as forehead lines, horizontal necklace lines, crow’s feet, or to improve volume in the upper and lower eyelids, as well as lifting the brow. These uses are considered advanced techniques, and should only be done with an expert experienced injector like Dr. Chiu.

Does it hurt?

Filler injections are fairly comfortable. At TDI we always prenumb with topical creams, and the product is already premixed with numbing. Significant bruising is very rare, but we always recommend adhering to our pre and post filler instructions.

Is the procedure reversible?

Yes! Like all hyaluronic acid fillers, including the entire Restylane family, these products can be dissolved if needed. A simple injection can get rid of the product in 24-48 hours if necessary. However, we find this to be extremely uncommon, as most patients love their subtle softened appearance.

How are Restylane, Belotero, Juvederm, and all these fillers different?

As more fillers come on the market, it can be confusing! Uses of Restylane Silk can be roughly compared to Belotero. These are all hyaluronic acid fillers, but they have very different properties. For example the Restylane family of products are particulate gels, while the Juvederm family of products are smooth gels. An expert injector such as Dr. Chiu has extensive experience with every filler on the market and is able to identify the subtle differences that each product has to maximize for the most artful results. Unlike other practitioners, Dr. Chiu does not favor one single brand or product over another. She chooses each and every product customized especially for you. Don’t be confused, feel free to come in for a consultation to chat with Dr. Chiu about what is best to get you feeling confident and happy in your skin.

How long does Restylane Silk last?

Studies show Restylane Silk lasts up to 6 months to a year. Some studies also show a collagen stimulatory effect that may be much longer lasting in certain individuals.

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