All About Microneedling with Rejuvapen

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Microneedling with Rejuvapen is a great treatment to boost skin’s radiance and appearance. It can improve acne scarring, fine lines, stretch marks, and large pores. The Derm Institute created the below infographic on everything you need to know about Microneedling with Rejuvapen. Microneedling is an effective treatment and is rated 90% worth it by users! For more information on Microneedling with Rejuvapen, or to schedule a consultation, please contact The Derm Institute!


Pamper Your Mom: 7 Skin Beauty Gifts for Mother’s Day

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It’s hard to find just the right gift for Mom, but here is a guide that will have Mom looking radiant and glowing!

1. Gift of Tighter Skin: BTL Exilis Protégé This non-invasive, painless skin procedure has been clinically proven to tighten and contour the skin. It uses radio frequency technology to tighten sagging skin around the eyes, jaw, and neck line. The result is tighter, firmer, and younger looking skin. Radiofrequency energy has been proven to better define facial and jawline features just with a warming sensation. Give Mom the gift of smoother sculpted skin this year with BTL Exilis Protégé!

2. Gift of Even, Radiant Skin: Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is a popular procedure and a true patient favorite! This treatment can target those pesky brown spots and red areas on the skin. It treats pigmentation, sun damaged, skin, brown spots, age spots, broken blood vessels, facial redness, and rosacea. This procedure is also a consistent favorite because it brightens and evens the overall skin tone with minimal downtime.

3. Gift of a Liquid Lift: Fillers and Botox relax fine lines and wrinkles. Mom will look rested and fabulous with an injectable treatment by Dr. Annie Chiu. Dr. Chiu is a board-certified dermatologist and master injector renowned for her eye towards soft natural rejuvenation. Patients are thrilled with the instant results and how natural they look!

4. Gift of Glow: A Red Carpet Peel will make Mom’s skin brighter and smoother! This light exfoliating peel gives skin a flawless and radiant glow. This is a popular procedure that has no downtime and delivers an instant boost in skin health.

5. Gift of Happy Healthy Skin:  Personalized Skin Care Consult at The Derm Institute. Mom will get a complete skincare regimen overview and mini personalized skin treatment at the office. Dr. Chiu will provide her with product recommendations of medically proven skincare products designed to have Mom look her best all year long.

6. Gift of luscious lashes: Latisse. It enhances natural lash growth, to make them fuller and longer and can be used for areas like the eyebrows as well.

7. Consider a Gift Certificate to The Derm Institute to show Mom how much you care. We will bundle the gift certificate you purchase with introductory skin goodies. She can then choose from any of the treatments we offer or even purchase products with her gift certificate. Let her enjoy an experience at our office!

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The Magic of Lasers + Energy Devices

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Lasers and energy devices can do magical things to our skin! From treating brown spots and redness to stimulating collagen production, lasers can improve a range of skin conditions. Dr. Chiu created the below infographic that contains information on skin lasers and energy devices, such as how they work and what they treat. For more information on these procedures, or to schedule a consultation, please contact The Derm Institute.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense pulsed light utilizes highly selective light energy to target brown spots and red areas. It can be used to treat pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, brown spots, age spots, broken blood vessels, facial redness, and rosacea. IPL also brightens and evens the overall skin tone. IPL has a 75% Worth It rating.


Fraxel delivers fractional laser energy deep into the skin for a simple and effective anti-aging treatment. Fraxel is used to reduce hyperpigmentation, sun damage, facial scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles. Fraxel can also treat actinic keratosis, a common pre-cancerous skin condition. Fraxel has a 71% Worth It rating.


Infini is a skin tightening treatment for the neck, jawline, and face that uses insulated microneedles to deliver microfocused radiofrequency, which heats collagen fibers and stimulates collagen production. Infini can also improve the appearance of large pores, acne scars, lax skin, and stretch marks. Infini has an 80% Worth It rating.

Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant Laser is a revolutionary, gentle laser skin care treatment that has been clinically proven to fight the effects of aging skin. The gentlest treatment in the Fraxel family, the non-ablative fractional resurfacing laser is a beneficial addition to any healthy skincare regimen, great for pore size, melasma, and fine lines. Clear + Brilliant has an 81% Worth It rating.


Swimsuit Bodies Start Now!

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No matter the season, being swimsuit ready is an absolute must in California. Now get that summer body without hitting the gym. The Derm Institute offers a comprehensive selection of services for non-invasive fat elimination with little to no down time and dramatic results. The cutting-edge technologies we offer are Coolsculpting+, Vanquish ME, Kybella and Cellutone. The Derm Institute is your total fat elimination and body contour destination.

Here’s the skinny on the treatments we offer:

CoolSculpting+ Freeze the Fat!

Freezing has never been this cool! Here at The Derm Institute, Dr. Chiu and her expert team will provide you with a personalized treatment plan to optimize your results. We aim for real results that will have you ready for any occasion. CoolSculpting uses controlled cold temperatures to target and crystallize fat cells to permanently reduce stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. The “frozen” fat cells die off and are processed naturally by the body. CoolSculpting can contour and sculpt targeted areas of your body where there is pinchable unwanted fat. It is a non-invasive technique that eliminates bulges of fat. It’s perfect for targeting “love handles”, “muffin tops”, and the double chin. CoolSculpting is completely customizable to your needs!

Vanquish ME Burn the Bulge!

Turn up the heat with Vanquish ME. Vanquish ME, offered here at The Derm Institute is proven to be consistent fat reduction treatment. The technology behind Vanquish ME is radio frequency (RF) heat. It is safe and effective. The RF heat eliminates fat cells without damaging the skin or even requiring body contact! A study showed that Vanquish ME has a 53% increase in fat layer reduction compared to its predecessor, Vanquish. The Derm Institute is one of the first to offer the Vanquish ME. This is the ideal treatment if you’re looking for an overall reduction in your waistline or thigh width fat. This is designed to “melt fat” in as little as 30 days!


The Derm Institute aims for superior results, and to accomplish that we have uniquely added Cellutone acoustic wave therapy to our practice to aid you in your journey towards a sculpted you. Cellutone adds a new dimension to our fat elimination treatments. Dr. Chiu and her team combine Cellutone with CoolSculpting+ and Vanquish ME to achieve optimal results. Cellutone is a vital part of our fat elimination treatments because it successfully accelerates fat reduction results and is a reliable method for tightening skin and eliminating cellulite. Post-treatment manual massage according to a study has showed a dramatic 66% increase in fat reduction. The powerful massage component of Cellutone takes your treatment here at The Derm Institute to the next level. You will have faster and better enhancement to achieve your body goals. The Derm Institute is one of the few practices that offers this specialized technology to optimize your treatment.


Kybella is a cosmetic injectable used to permanently reduce any difficult or stubborn fat. This process of fat destruction mimics a natural chemical produced by the body. The Derm Institute is a Kybella Center of Excellence, and Dr. Chiu is a national recognized master injector who not only addresses areas like the double chin, but also specializes in treating stubborn fat bulges like “bra bulges”, arm pit pooches, fat above the knee, and abdomen shaping with Kybella.

Let The Derm Institute help you achieve that slimmer body with our variety of non-invasive fat elimination procedures. We can formulate the highest level of innovative non-invasive fat elimination. We combine Vanquish ME and Coolsculpting to provide the “fire and ice” powerhouse approach to effectively reduce unwanted fat and overall sculpt your body. Our dedicated team takes the time to assess you and create your ideal treatment plan. Cellutone and Kybella are just expansions of our wide selection of options available to you to achieve your total body transformation. The Derm Institute can get you ready for any occasion, so don’t sweat swimsuit season, banish the bulge now!

…Shared by Your TDI Team

Getting the Perfect Pout for Valentine’s Day ♥

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and now is the best time to make your lips look completely kissable!  A study from the University of Southern California found that men actually spend more time looking at the mouth than any other facial feature of a woman.
Thankfully there is a simple way to get your lips looking luscious, natural, and sexy. Here at The Derm Institute, we offer lip filler treatments that can give your lips a glossy, “just kissed™” look.

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers, like  Belotero, Juvederm, Restylane, Restylane Silk, and Volbella, are injectable treatments that are comprised of cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid that smooth, plump, and hydrate the lips for a natural appealing pillowy pout. Dr. Chiu specializes in natural glossy TDI “Just Kissed Lips™”…never duck or trout like. It will be our secret!

Lip rejuvenation with lip fillers does not always only involve injecting the lip directly. Total lip rejuvenation is often achieved with injections in the lip for volumization, and additional treatment to the fine lines around the mouth. These lines are often referred to as “smoker’s lines”.

Lip filler treatments usually last between 9-12 months and are naturally absorbed by the body. Repeated treatments at recommended treatment intervals can actually improve the duration of your filler.

Why get lip fillers?

  • To make vertical lip “smoker’s lines” or “lipstick lines” disappear
  • To give crinkly lips a glossed appearance so they look dewy
  • To better define the cupid’s bow, or M portion of the lip
  • Define the lip borders
  • Upturn the corners of a downturned mouth

How to get your ideal lips

The best lips have to have great shape. Great shape and definition is achieved by one main factor, your expert injector. Dr. Annie Chiu is a nationally renowned master injector, who is well recognized for specializing in natural, plumped, gorgeous heart shaped lips. Just ask our staff, everyone’s lips have been treated by Dr. Chiu. Also, Dr. Chiu is has perfected her TDI “ Lip Glossing” technique with lip fillers. This is to get that “just kissed™” look. Where the lip is slightly plumped with a glossy appearance. All looking completely natural, with just a hint of desire.

What you NEED to Know about Lip fillers

    • 10 Days before treatment avoid pain medications, fish oil, aspirin, vitamin E. These tend to make the blood thin and cause increase your risk of bruising and swelling.
    • There is practically ZERO downtime.
    • Chiu specialize in a bruise free, no touch minimal discomfort lip injection technique with a microcannula.
    • Don’t expect Angelina or Kylie lips. Trust that Dr. Chiu will decide what is best to beautifully frame your face. You can expect to increase the size of your lips gradually over time with treatments, not all at once, for the best natural looking results.

Cherish your lips, just like you cherish you skin! Let The Derm Institute help get you simply irresistibly kissable lips this Valentine’s Day. Call us today to reserve your spot and feel sexy all year long. #justkissed™

Intrigued by more kissable luscious lips?  Check out our Valentine’s Special!


…Shared by Your TDI Team ♥

15 Things That Hurt Worse Than Botox

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15 Things with More of an Ouch…

1. Monday mornings

2. Razor burn

3. Getting Shampoo in your eyes

4. Bikini waxes

5. Pinching your eyelid with a lash curler

6. Blind dates

7. Sunburns

8. Wearing 4 inch heels

9. Not knowing there is food stuck in your teeth

10. Getting a papercut

11. Waiting in line at the post office

12. Burning your mouth on coffee

13. LA traffic

14. A Bad haircut

15. Not getting Botox and looking wrinkled

…Shared by Your TDI Team

Kybella | Non-Surgical Treatment For Double Chin

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Kybella is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment for submental fat, also known as “double chin”. Dr. Chiu created this helpful infographic that includes facts on Kybella, such as the cause of submental fullness, who it affects, treatment times, and results. For more information on Kybella, or to schedule a consultation, contact The Derm Institute.

  • Americans spent more than $13.5 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2015.
  • 42% was spent on non-surgical procedures.
  • Injectables overall saw a 21% increase in 2015.
  • Kybella is the very 1st FDA-approved injectable treatment for submental fat.
  • 6.6 million injectables treatments were performed in 2015.
  • 67% of people surveyed by the ASDS said they were bothered by “double chin”.
  • Causes of submental fullness include aging, genetics, and weight gain.
  • “Double chin” affects both men and women.
  • 90% of injectable treatments were performed on women in 2015.
  • Kybella has an 87% Worth It rating.
  • You can expect results after 2-4 treatments that last 15-20 minutes each and are spaced 1 month apart.


A True Beauty Girl’s New Year’s Resolutions . . . for 2017

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Resolution #1

Lose the fat. 

Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and treat stubborn areas of my muffin top with Coolsculpting and slim my thighs with Vanquish.Resolution 1

Resolution #2

Reverse sun damage. 

Be good to my skin, wear SPF, and shed existing sun damage with IPL treatments and Physician Grade Peel series.

Resolution #3

Get beauty sleep. 

Incorporate zen-smelling yet amazing skincare like Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Repair with a dash of organic lavender essential oil before bed to relax and let my skin restore.

Resolution #4Resolution 2

Be good to my hands. 

Nothing is worse than your hands giving away your age . . . well, #6 is similar . . .  Protect them with sunscreen everyday, and use a night cream like Lumiquin nightly.  Reversing pre-existing sun damage with IPL and use fillers like Radiesse to give me back plump, rejuvenated, youthful hands.

Resolution #5

Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

Worry less, because it gets me nowhere. And consider Botox for underarm sweating so I can toss my deodorant and never worry about ruining a silk shirt.

Resolution #6

Ditch the scarfs and turtlenecks.  

Warmer weather is coming, and it’s perfect timing to get that slight pooch under my chin to disappear permanently with Kybella. Say hello to a swan like, contoured neck!

Resolution 3Resolution #7

Feel sexy 24-7. 

Little touches, like always wearing slightly bee-stung, “just-kissed”, glossy pillowy lips make me feel irresistible.  That right—tempt me with the most subtle way to do this. . . Volbella.

Resolution #8

Be proud of my bikini bod.

Getting a bit of a booty lift with Sculptra, perfect little spider veins that come for standing too much, and a little magic with Body Tightening Concentrate so I can rock bikini selfies all year round.

Resolution #9

Not neglect my neck. 

Protect it daily with sunscreen, tighten crepy skin with Radiofrequency treatments and Infini, and never ever go to bed without Neocutis Microfirm Neck Cream.

Resolution #10

Cherish my skin every single day.

Healthy beautiful skin gives me confidence to conquer the world.


Dr. Annie, #girlboss

Redefyning What “Natural” Means with Newly Approved Next Generation Fillers

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2017 welcomes two new sugar-molecule Hyaluronic Acid based fillers to the market:  Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne.

The Restylane family of fillers have been on the market with proven safety and reliability for over 20 years.  With more and more fillers available to choose from, the dermatologist’s ability to treat patients in a more customized fashion gets better and better.  As usual, because Dr. Chiu is a trainer and renowned expert in injectable fillers—she is among the first doctors in the country to be able to introduce these next generation flexible movement fillers to her patients at The Derm Institute.

Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne are soft, flexible, natural appearing fillers that are not rigid or stiff and thus integrate naturally with you, your expressions, and your confidence.  There’s no doubt the thought of fillers often conjure up images of overfilled, unnatural, ‘real-housewives’ of insert city of your choosing.  The good news is—when proportional, natural, balanced rejuvenation is done with an injectable filler expert like Dr. Chiu—no one will know.  These next generation fillers that are more flexible and dynamic and move with your own natural expressions only makes soft, unnoticeable rejuvenation that could not be further from the fears of the frozen, overfilled, alien-looking appearance everyone worries about.

Because of their smooth gel characteristic and unique flexibility—Restylane Refyne and Defyne are great first time fillers as well as those who have had fillers in the past but need a little boost in areas with more movement.

Common areas to use Refyne and Defyne:

  • Undereye circles and hollows. Smooth consistency, less likelihood of movement, and less swelling make Refyne a great new choice for a common complaint.
  • Radiating smile lines of the cheeks. Everyone loves a great smile, but those accordion like lines that bunch up the cheeks can be pesky to treat.  Given the natural integration with movement of Refyne and Defyne, we can soften these lines and still have it look natural.image2image3
  • Laugh Lines (Nasolabial folds and marionette lines). Folds around the mouth are influenced by a lot of movement with talking, eating, smiling.  Defyne can help soften these movements and deep folds while staying in place for up to a year.
  • Hollowing or Dimpling of the mid cheek. Over time, when we make expressions like laughing or smiling, hollows around the mid cheek look more prominent.  Giving a hollowed tired appearance.  Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne can soften these areas whether you are smiling or not.

Refyne and Defyne are line extensions of the existing Restylane hyaluronic acid family of fillers using unique XpresHAn Crosslinking technology. This technology allows a more flexible, natural appearing filler that moves with your expressions but doesn’t migrate from the area it was placed.

When fillers are used naturally—it is corrective:  meaning we are replacing lost fat pads and bone structure that occurs with time.  It isn’t about giving you cheeks you never had.  It’s about returning that softness that is associated with youth.  Having products like Restylane Refyne and Defyne allows us to further follow the trend towards natural appearing rejuvenation.  Studies have shown fillers when placed into areas that create wrinkles over time with repeated expression—such as the smokers lines or smile lines, they can actually stimulate the existing fibroblast to produce more collagen.  Making them truly preventative as well.

Like all hyaluronic acid fillers, including Juvederm and Voluma results can be reversed easily—but once you see how soft and natural you look— your worries about looking “done” will dissolve away. . .

…Shared by your TDI Team

3 Ways to Debut a New You in the New Year

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Start the New Year off right and try some of our most popular minimally invasive procedures to debut a new, more confident you. With procedures like the Clear + Brilliant laser, natural fillers, and body contouring, you will be looking your best in 2017.

Clear + Brilliant Laser

The Clear + Brilliant Laser is a gentle laser treatment that fights against signs of aging and discoloration to reveal smoother, glowing skin. Clear + Brilliant Laser has an 87% Worth It rating.

New + Natural Fillers

New and natural fillers can be exclusively customized to fit your indiviudal needs, including Juvederm Volbella, Restylane Refyne, and Restylane Defyne. Juvederm Volbella has an 86% Worth It rating.

Fire + Ice Body Contouring

This treatment combines the fat eliminating heat energy of Vanquish ME and the fat freezing technology of CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting has an 83% Worth It rating.

For more information on these procedures, or to schedule a consultation, please contact The Derm Institute.

New Year, New You

Winter Skincare Must Dos

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Winter season is a time where cooler weather means dry skin and the weather can take a toll on our skin. The best way to avoid total damage to your complexion is to have these 5 winter essentials at home. They are a sure fix to keep your skin hydrated and radiant during the winter.

1. Moisturize
–  Changing to a more hydrating moisturizer with ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin c, and sodium hyaluronate can help keep your skin looking quenched. Our favorites are  SkinCeutials’ Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 , SkinMedica’s Dermal Repair Cream, and even Medimetriks’ Niseko Hydrating Moisturizer.

2. Use a Serum – Hyaluronic acid serums help draw water to the skin, keeping skin hydrated and not flakey. For an added anti-aging benefit hyaluronic acid serums, like Alphaeon’s Teoxane RHA Serum or Skinlab’s Dew Drops help boost collagen and minimize fine lines.

3. Drink Plenty of Water – Keep your skin healthy and refreshed by drinking plenty of H2O Staying hydrated keeps your skin glowing and less parched.

4. Exfoliate – Winter exfoliation is a must do! Polish and refresh your skin this winter. Exfoliating in the winter is key to allowing cell renewal and decongest the skin. Be careful to avoid over exfoliating, you don’t want to dry out your skin. Using products like Skinlab’s Weekly Peel Pads, Medicated Glow Pads, and Exfoliating Glycolic Cleanser can keep you on the right track.



5. Treat Your Lips – Primp your pout! Your lips need love too. Using products like Coola’s Liplux balm can keep them looking hydrated and fresh.



lotion_application_16. Hydrate your Body – Keep the dry skin away by using products like Avene’s Xeracalm Moisturizing Lotion to quench and smooth your dry winter skin. Skinceuticals’ Body Tightening Concentrate has some great skin tightening benefits too!

Keeping a good regimen that hydrates your skin is key to winter skin survival. Do not hesitate to stop by the office and discuss you skincare concerns and needs with one of our product experts here at The Derm Institute!

…Shared by Your TDI Team


Volbella | The Perfect Pout

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The Derm Institute is proud to be offering the newest FDA-approved filler, Volbella. Vobella comes from the makers of Botox and is made of cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid. It’s an ideal filler for lines around the mouth and natural lip rejuvenation.

Dr. Chiu has created this helpful infographic to help her patients understand what Volbella is and how it works. If you would like to learn more or if you have any questions about Volbella, please contact The Derm Institute to schedule your consultation.


What’s HOT in Skin Rejuvenation? Radiofrequency Energy

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Radiofrequency is the HOT treatment of choice in anti-aging, fighting dreaded sagging, increasing skin tightening, and boosting new collagen production little to no down time.

What radiofrequency procedures does The Derm Institute offer?

protege during treatmentExilis Protégé Elite: This system uses radio frequency (RF) waves to tighten skin, smooth fine lines, and improve texture of areas like the neck, décolleté, upper and lower eye lids, and jawline.  If you noticed increased laxity, or crepy skin in these areas, Protégé will help!

Vanquish ME: This innovative body conturing device uses RF to heat targeted fat tissue and kill fat cells all with no downtime or discomfort.  There is virtually no down time and treatments can address those bothersome areas like abdomen, love handles, thighs, and even the dreaded bra bulge. Treatment with Vanquish ME only takes 1 month. Yes, that’s smoother, slimmer, and contoured areas in just 30 days.

Infini: Our newest system is becoming one of our most popular and effective treatments to tighten the skin, reduce pore size, and contour a sagging jawline or tighten loosening neck skin. Pinpoint microinvasive needles direct heat to induce collagen contraction in areas like the face, neck, and even on the body.

Before & After

How do these RF procedures compare to other treatments like C02 laser or other devices on the market?

No real downtime. In a world where you are always on the go it’s hard to have that “me” time without taking away from work or home activities. RF technology devices allow for you to not only keep your schedule, but also receive effective treatment with little down time.

Minimal to no discomfort. It is always ideal to have little to no pain and treatments like Vanquish and Protégé, and, provide true alternatives to surgical procedures without the pain or risk of going under the knife.  Patients sometimes find these treatments are relaxing while they are turning back the clock on aging!

Effective Results. Each RF device at The Derm Institute offers results that can be seen within 30-60 days. Infini can actually still have results even just 6-8 weeks after the first treatment! Can you believe that? Results get better over time as the body builds more collagen.  Our patients have been thrilled.


How to I learn which treatment is the right one for me?

Schedule an appointment at The Derm Institute with Dr. Annie Chiu, she will provide you an indepth consultation on each device and determine, based off your needs and concerns, what treatment or combination of treatments will optimize your results.

…Shared by Your TDI Team

Introducing the Newest Filler on the Block: Juvederm Volbella

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Frequently Asked Questions…

1. When is Volbella available?

Now!  Juvederm Volbella is now FDA-Approved and available early at The Derm Institute.  As an Allergan Medical Facial Aesthetic Speaker Trainer, Dr. Annie Chiu is among the first physicians to be offering this fine line lip filler in the United States.   As a premier injectable expert in the Southbay, Dr. Chiu also had advanced training in Volbella.

2. What is Juvederm Volbella used for?

image1Volbella is a “fine line” hyaluronic acid filler used to soften small etched lines, especially around the mouth.  It is not meant to give “big” or “full” lips, it is for the most subtle of lip enhancements or to attack pesky vertical lip lines that are aging in appearance.

  • To make vertical lip “smoker’s lines” or “lipstick lines” disappear
  • To give crinkly lips a glossed appearance so they look rehydrated
  • To better define the cupid’s bow, or M portion of the lip
  • Define the lip borders
  • Upturn the corners of a downturning mouth

3. Where else can Volbella be used?

Volbella is a durable, extra smooth gel that can be used for any fine, etched line or a thin-skinned area that needs softening of hollows.  Examples include:

  • Undereye hollows
  • Etched horizontal forehead lines
  • Etched crow’s feet
  • Deep etched frown lines that do not completely improve with Botox

4. What makes Volbella different?

Volbella is in the Juvederm Voluma  family.  The special VYCROSS technique allows this injectable filler to be administered with virtually no swelling or downtime while still giving long lasting duration.  The ultra smooth gel also allows it to be completely natural looking.

volbella before and after


5. How long does Volbella filler last?

Volbella typically lasts about 1 year in duration.

6. Does it hurt?

Volbella is pre-mixed with anesthetic, and we always use topical numbing to ensure a comfortable experience for our patients at The Derm Institute.

7. Is there downtime?

Volbella filler for the lip, etched lines, or undereye is unique in its formulation in that there is virtually no swelling or bruising, making this a true lunch time procedure.

Come experience Juvederm Volbella today by contacting our clinic and get a little magic courtesy of Dr. Annie Chiu

…Shared by the TDI team

5 Summer Habits That Are Giving You Wrinkles

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We love summer here at The Derm Institute, but there are some habits that may causing more damage to your skin than you think. Not to worry! We can provide some easy solutions to help keep your skin healthy and protected this summer.

1. Too much SunWhile soaking up the sun is the highlight of summers here in California, it can actually cause some serious skin damage. Excessive sun exposure is the leading cause of premature skin aging. Be sure to apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher daily. Reapply every 2-3 hours, especially if you are outside for a long period of time.

 2. Sipping with a Straw – We are huge fans of summer iced tea blends here at TDI, drinkingstraw_image1but there is one thing to avoid, and that is using a straw. It’s hard to imagine that something so
small can cause any damage to your skin, but sipping through a straw can actually cause wrinkles. The repeated use of straws can cause pesky fine lines around the mouth toappear. Try to avoid using a straw, or just pour your drink into a wide mouth glass to avoid that motion.

3.Turning up the ACWe can all fall victim too cranking up the AC when dealing with a heat wave, but this can actually dry out your skin. The skin loses its moisture from too much AC. Drinking plenty of water can keep you hydrated both inside and out. Another way to help avoid skin dehydration is too spritz a little bit of thermal spring water or a hydrating toner to keep your skins moisture balance in check.

4. Squinting All that sun can make us prone to squinting when we are out and about. Did you know that repeated squinting motions can cause those “crows feet” wrinkles to
appear around your eyes? It is easy to avoid. Be sure to wear sunglasses to prevent that squint motion that causes those wrinkles. The added bonus is that sunglasses can keep your eyes protected from UV damage too. Always keep a pair of sunglasses with you!

sunglasses-cover5. Not Changing your Skincare – Staying on the same skincare regimen the entire year can be a recipe for disaster. Skincare has seasons too, for the Summer months the focus should be on sun protection, use of an antioxidant product ( like a Vitamin C Serum), and lighter weight products. Not sure of what to use? Come in for a quick product knowledge consult with one of our team members here at The Derm Institute, we will gladly put you on the right track.

…. Shared by The TDI Team