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Awarded the Breakthrough Beauty Award by Allure Magazine, LaViv™ is the first and only FDA-approved treatment that uses our own collagen producing cell (fibroblasts) to improve the look of your smile lines.  It is a personalized aesthetic cell therapy to treat the aging nasolabial folds.

The treatment requires taking a very small tissue sample from the back of the ear of the patient at our clinic.  This sample is then sent to LaViv labs, where fibroblasts are grown, multiplied, and frozen.  Whenever a patient wants to have a treatment, LaViv labs will send out a vial of your own fibroblasts to The Derm Institute to be used to fill the smile lines.  Each treatment consists of three sessions, 3-6 week apart.  Improvement can be seen by the third session and can last for 6-12 months.  Because it is your own fibroblasts which are injected into your skin, it is extremely safe and boosts normal cellular activity.  Further, once you have “banked” your cells in the LaViv labs, your supply of autologous fibroblasts will not run out, as the lab can grow more as needed.

See some before and after photos and learn more about LaViv treatment sessions.

If you are interested in LaViv, call (310) 939-9800, and we can start banking your cells at your very first visit.

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