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Botox, Daxxify, Dysport, Jeuveau, Xeomin

Relax facial lines with Botox and Daxxify Our face is how we express ourselves to the world – every frown, grin, and raised eyebrow tells a story. But the tiny muscle contractions that make expression possible eventually lead to facial wrinkles. These movement-related wrinkles (sometimes called “dynamic wrinkles”) can make us look tired or angry....

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For a Natural Lift and Restoration. As we age, certain common changes occur in our facial appearance. Because of gravity and genetics, facial fat pads drop, and underlying structural volume diminishes. These aging effects may produce visible wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin, making us look tired and withdrawn. Cosmetic dermal fillers are quickly becoming the go-to...

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Juvederm Fillers

Smooth, natural results. Like Restylane, Juvederm fillers are composed of a hyaluronic acid gel that has almost no risk of allergy and are considered very safe. All hyaluronic acid based fillers restore volume, soften folds, shape or plump the lips, and contour the face by restoring the volume loss that occurs over time with collagen breakdown. What...

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Voluma, Volux, and Vycross Fillers

Voluma, Volux, Vollure, Volbella: Long lasting, natural smoothing, and lift. The Derm Institute and Dr. Annie Chiu have unique experience in this family Juvederm Vycross fillers which include Voluma, Volux, Vollure, and Volbella. As one of the first physicians to not only utilize but train other physicians on the use of these facial fillers in...

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Restylane Fillers

Restore Youthful Contours with Restylane® Fillers The Restylane family of fillers has over 20 years of clinical use and proven safety. These fillers are among the most popular and are used to replenish volume, contour the face, eliminate fine lines, and soften wrinkles and folds. Restylane fillers are hyaluronic acid-based products that are composed of...

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Sculptra Aesthetic- Injectable Dermal Filler

Your own collagen, gradually rejuvenated. Sculptra Aesthetic® is unique in that it is a true “volumizer” and not just a filler. This is the celebrity procedure that seems to keep them looking “unaged” for years. Sculptra offers an incredibly natural improvement not just in volume but in skin quality as well. The TDI staff’s favorite product...

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RHA Fillers

RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) Fillers:  Discreet, soft rejuvenation, provides contouring and smoothing. The Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA) Fillers are a newer generation of hyaluronic acid fillers that uniquely provides soft, discreet, subtle results that adapt to your own facial expressions. The RHA family of fillers range from RHA 1-4, and are manufactured to most closely...

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Biostimulatory Treatments

Naturally Restore and Rejuvenate.

Injectable biostimulatory treatments harness and amplify your own body’s natural ability to boost collagen and elastin throughout the skin layers for a rejuvenated, naturally rested appearance. Biostimulatory treatments differ from regular dermal fillers in that they work slowly over time globally rehydrate and restore youthful contours and qualities of the skin. 


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Kybella for Jowls & Double Chins

Discover the Non-Surgical Solution for Unwanted Jowls or a “Double Chin” at a Kybella® Center of Excellence Allergan designated The Derm Institute as a Kybella Center of Excellence for Dr. Chiu's extended experience and novel techniques with Kybella. Double chins are no match for Kybella, a powerful non-surgical treatment for addressing unwanted fat. While Kybella is typically a...

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Natural lift and structure. Radiesse® is made of calcium-based microspheres suspended in a gel vehicle that is biodegradable over time. Studies have shown this filler is truly “volumizing” in that it stimulates natural collagen production when injected into the skin. We use Radiesse when there is a need to correct deeper lines in the nasolabial...

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Belotero Balance

More radiant skin, instantly. Belotero Balance® is an hyaluronic acid filler designed to smooth fine lines and mild wrinkles. What is Belotero Balance? Belotero is a simple injectable procedure to instantly enhance your facial contours and make the skin appear more radiant. It smoothly integrates with your own collagen to modify wrinkles, volumize and enhance the youthful contours of the face. What makes...

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Bellafill is a long lasting injectable filler used for the correction of rolling, atrophic, and distensible facial acne scars. Bellafill is the only dermal filler established as safe and effective for the correction of acne scars lasting 5 years, the longest lasting results of any FDA-approved injectable. Dr. Chiu offers a new level of filler...

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