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You are on your way to healthier, happier skin!

Looking for general skin care advice? Confused about what products can address your concerns and optimize your skin health? Whether you have general skin texture issues, are having trouble controlling oily, dry, or sensitive skin, and want to put together the best anti-aging regimen, our staff can help.

Make an appointment for a personalized skin health consult and let Dr. Chiu recommend medically proven skincare products designed to help you look your best. Feel comfortable discussing your skincare concerns with Dr. Chiu in an intimate environment that is not about sales, but about educating you on the most up-to-date dermatology products available. Keeping your budget in mind, Dr. Chiu partners with you to find a plan that works best for the overall health and beauty of your skin.

The synergistic combination of in-office treatments and your daily home regimen will be one of the secrets to the natural radiance your skin will develop.

Why Choose a Customized, Professional Skincare Routine?

Healthy, glowing, clear, and radiant skin is important to all of us, as it conveys a sense of health and gives us the confidence to be our very best. The foundation for healthy, ageless skin is a good at-home skin care regimen.

Whether you are prone to oily, dry, sensitive, or uneven skin tone – glowing, even skin starts with the consistent use of key skincare ingredients personalized for your skin type and issues.  The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it serves as a protective barrier against environmental assaults. An optimized skincare routine not only maintains the ongoing health and appearance of the skin but makes other cosmetic procedures more effective, enhancing the outcomes of in-office procedures.

This Personalized Skin Health Consult includes:

  • One-on-one skincare evaluation with Dr. Chiu
  • Review of your current skin regimen, makeup, and skincare habits
  • Assessment of your skin type to determine if it is sensitive, dry, oily, or acne-prone
  • Assistance with determining your overall skincare goals
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Optional Vitamin B-12 Shot to boost energy and metabolism
  • A personalized mini-treatment to kick start your newly recommended regimen

An Anti-Aging and Skin Health Regimen Fit for You

When it comes to which quality ingredients to incorporate at what age, Dr. Chiu likes to describe what you need in a basic routine by using a skincare pyramid schematic, where everyone (at all ages) needs sun protection in the form of a sunscreen at SPF 30 or above. Then, consider retinoids for collagen building, anti-aging, and clearing of any blemishes. By your late 20s and early 30s, adding an antioxidant product like a quality Vitamin C serum will protect your skin from outside influences of UV damage and pollution.

To maintain an even texture and refine pores, exfoliating regularly with alpha-hydroxy acid products at least once a week can keep your skin dewy and glowing. By your 30s and beyond, consider investing in growth factors to combat tissue laxity, boost collagen production, and reverse fine lines and wrinkles.

Medical-Grade Skincare in Beach Cities

With so many choices of products on the market, most of us do not know where to start when putting together an effective skincare regimen. At The Derm Institute, our team is trained to identify your issues and make customized recommendations with professional medical grade products. We believe strongly in skincare education, providing patients with information regarding optimal skin care ingredients and the best products to partner for their needs.

Come in to chat with our staff and browse the physician-strength offerings at our Skin Boutique to get started on a regimen that allows you to look your best.

Schedule Your Cosmetic Skincare Consultation

Are you looking for a more in-depth discussion about your general skin care and cosmetic skin concerns? The Derm Institute offers appointments for one-on-one, detailed skin health consultations. In creating a personalized skin health program, Dr. Chiu can go over your specific concerns and design a bespoke regimen with physician-grade medical skin care, like The Derm Institute’s exclusively formulated SkinLab MD line and scientifically proven product lines like SkinMedica.

A commitment to quality products and a customized skin care routine will keep your skin healthy, youthful, fresh, and glowing.

Most skincare regimens start with the basics of:

  • Cleansing twice daily
  • A serum with potent active ingredients
  • Sunscreen protection during the day
  • Moisturizing for your skin type
  • Specialty products for your skin concerns (anti-aging, acne, pigmentation, discoloration, dryness, and redness)

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