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Don’t let your neck give you away.

The neck area is a commonly requested area for rejuvenation, as the skin gets thinner and more slack with time. It’s an area of concern for patients as they want to look natural, and consistent with rejuvenation on the face.

Neck skin is different than facial skin in that it has an underlying muscle of more dynamic movement, and there are less “stem” cells that can heal the skin after more aggressive treatment such as certain lasers. This is why expertise and experience is very important in addressing this area.

Expertise and experience is very important in addressing this area.

The Derm Institute offers a 4-pronged approach to neck rejuvenation:

1. Tighten the skin

Energy-based devices such as Microfocused Radiofrequency Infini and Sofwave utilize heat to cause collagen fiber contraction and tightening for a firmer appearance. Kybella injectable or CoolSculpting can also be used to reduce excess fat of the chin and neck area and give the appearance of a tighter neck.

2. Relax vertical neck bands

Botox and Dysport can be used to reduce vertical banding for a smoother neck. This treatment can also help tighten the neck skin around the jawline.

3. Refill wrinkles

Horizontal neck lines aka “necklace lines” with dermal fillers like Volbella or Belotero.

4. Resurface uneven color or texture

The actual texture or “envelope” of the skin often needs to be maintained as the neck is constantly exposed to sun and other environmental stressors. Laser treatments such as IPL or Clear and Brilliant Laser can help maintain the suppleness of the neck and even the skin tones with minimal to no downtime.

Dr. Chiu and The Derm Institute team will work with you for the most customized and effective treatment.

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