Masculine and confident results.

happy-young-couple-running-beachReversing the signs of aging, or just relaxing the appearance of the stressors of high pressure jobs and long hours at work is now more in demand among men then ever. In the last few years, there’s been a 300% increase in the number of men seeking anti-aging procedures. When you add in men looking to better define their body with stubborn fat removal procedures such as CoolSculpting, it’s no surprise that men are the fastest growing segment of our patients at The Derm Institute!

Dr. Chiu specializes in results driven individualized treatment for men in both achieving their most confident goals for the body, face, or overall skin texture. As an industry leading expert, Dr. Chiu is uniquely knowledgeable in the very different approaches and demands to make men feel like the best version of themselves.  We call it the TDI Handsome Plan, making sure the results look masculine and confident. The results are subtle, and natural, giving our male patients a refreshed and more desirable appearance.

Whether it’s the face, jawline, or body; results are subtle, natural, and confident, giving our male patients a refreshed and more desirable appearance.

Non-invasive anti-aging treatments for men are not about the myth of being “vain”. For our patients, looking rested makes them feel good. Feeling good allows you to look younger and restores confidence. The approach to male rejuvenation at The Derm Institute is not that different than hitting the gym to keep your body in shape. We think your face, body and your skin deserve the same attention and maintenance. It’s no surprise that these procedures at The Derm Institute are increasingly common among professional men and those who desire a more attractive appearance.

For our patients at The Derm Institute, procedures like “Bro-Tox”, lasers to reverse sun damage or redness, fillers to soften facial folds, contouring a double chin or jawline, or elimination of stubborn fat like the lovehandles is not about vanity. It is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having your skin and body reflect that.

Our male patients are typically looking to look more “relaxed”, less “intense” or “angry”, giving them an appearance of being more approachable, refreshed, and in general, less tired. Looking healthy and attractive is also important in an ever more competitive job market.


Please read our Pre and Post Botox directions for best results and what to expect.

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