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shutterstock_77480710-(1)Sclerotherapy for spider and varicose veins.

The gold standard of treatment for spider and leg veins is sclerotherapy. This is a procedure where a solution (most commonly Glycerin or Asclera) is injected into the problematic vein, causing irritation in the vein, and eventually collapse and disappearance of the vein. Strict adherence to Post-Care Instructions will improve consistency and durability of results. Very small and superficial vessels can sometimes be treated with a laser to enhance the results.

Common Questions:

Does sclerotherapy hurt?

Patients typically describe a little stinging and cramping in the legs, but generally tolerate the treatment very well.

How many sessions until I see results?

Although improvement can be seen as early as the first session, typically 3-4 sessions are needed, spaced about 8 weeks apart.

When is the best time to do sclerotherapy?

We recommend fall and winter as the best times to undergo these treatments, as bruising and hyperpigmentation can occur after treatment, and compression hose need to be worn for 1 week.

What happens to the veins?

Superficial veins treated by sclerotherapy are naturally broken down and resorbed by the body.  These are not medically necessary veins to maintain, and generally can be treated safely.

Make sure you read our Pre and Post Sclerotherapy Directions for optimal results and what to expect.

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