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Clear + Brilliant Second GenerationLooking for a non-invasive, minimal to no downtime procedure that helps illuminate the skin from the inside out? Want to improve discoloration, reduce wrinkles, soften acne scars, minimize pores and improve skin tone? Here at TDI we offer the second generation Clear + Brilliant Touch Laser, a revolutionary, gentle laser skin care treatment, clinically proven to fight the effects of aging skin. With the upgraded newest version of the Clear + Brilliant Touch Laser, The Derm Institute is now able to combine two wavelengths in one laser session. This DualWave™ Clear + Brilliant at TDI allows the treatment of both tone and texture at the same time! The gentlest treatment in the Fraxel family, this non-ablative fractional resurfacing laser is a great addition to any healthy skin regimen. Commonly referred to as the “Mini Fraxel” or “Laser Facial”, Clear + Brilliant laser is the perfect “pick me up” to give your skin a jump start to repair, prevent and maintain. The Clear + Brilliant Laser is an essential rejuvenation adjunct for anyone seeking minimal to no downtime (maybe a few hours of mild pinkness) procedures to refresh and rejuvenate the skin, be proactive and preventative with aging changes, and to correct mild photodamage or discoloration including melasma. This is also our “go-to” treatment for pore size! Our patients and staff alike LOVE this procedure to look glowing all year long!

Our clinic takes a unique approach by not using the same pre-set standardized settings for every patient, and only with the most upgraded version of the Clear + Brilliant Laser. Dr. Chiu personally evaluates and creates a customized Clear + Brilliant DualWave™ treatment plan for every patient, different settings and increased treatment passes are used to create a greater density of coverage, depending on your specific skin concerns. It’s almost like getting two lasers in one! The Derm Institute also follows all Clear + Brilliant Touch treatments with an infusion of proprietary growth factors, antioxidants, and even customized laser-assisted drug delivery of prescription actives such as Tranexamic Acid and Hydroquinone to truly get the most out of every treatment. Dr. Chiu also often pairs these treatments with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), to enhance both healing and boosted results.

Every Clear + Brilliant Laser is followed by our proprietary growth factor, antioxidant, or laser-assisted prescription drug delivery infusions to further boost your results.

Patient Results

Female before and after Clear + Brilliant Second Generation

At The Derm Institute, we offer the brand new second generation Clear + Brilliant Laser Touch Treatments, able to use two different wavelengths in one treatment. We will help you to choose the best treatment or series of treatments for you:

1440nm Clear + Brilliant Laser Classic

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Softens mild acne scarring
  • Increases firmness and elasticity
  • Decreases pore size
  • Improves tone and texture
  • Renews to ultra baby smooth skin

1927nm Clear + Brilliant Laser PERMEA

  • Reduces uneven pigmentation
  • Smoothes blotchy hyper and hypopigmentation
  • Effective and safe for treatment of melasma
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Creates microchannels through which intensifies delivery of skin actives

Every Clear + Brilliant Laser is followed by our proprietary growth factor, antioxidant, or laser-assisted prescription drug delivery infusions to further boost your results.

Dr. Chiu will personally ensure that your treatment plan is customized to your unique needs, which often requires specialized settings and increased treatment passes – something not found in treatments outside of our clinic. To maximize skin benefits, our patients are also often placed on a series of alternating the Clear + Brilliant Laser treatments with Physician Strength Chemical Peels.

For more information for what to expect, take a look at our Pre and Post Clear + Brilliant Laser directions.

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Common Questions:

What is different or unique about getting Clear + Brilliant Treatments with Dr. Chiu at The Derm Institute?

Dr. Chiu only uses the latest generation upgraded Clear + Brilliant Touch Laser aided by two laser wavelengths in one treatment. Our customized DualWave™ treatments are also boosted by utilizing laser-assisted drug delivery of prescription-grade actives to take advantage to deeply deliver pharmaceutical ingredients bespoke to your skin condition: such as Tranexamic Acid, Hydroquinone, growth factors and antioxidants.

How does the Clear + Brilliant Laser work?

The Clear + Brilliant Laser utilizes innovative fractional laser technology to create millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin, replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger looking tissue from the inside out.

Who is a candidate for the Clear + Brilliant Laser?

The Clear + Brilliant Laser is beneficial for everyone. This is the definitive treatment for anyone with discoloration, melasma or enlarged pores.

For those in their late teens and early 20s, patients can see improvement on active acne, acne scarring, pore size, and is a great kick-start to an early anti-aging regimen. In your 30s-40s, the Clear + Brilliant Laser is a great way to reverse early signs of fine lines and to stimulate collagen production. After the age of 50, the Clear + Brilliant laser provides a great maintenance treatment for your skin—with our patient often doing sessions when they touch up their Botox and fillers.

Is there downtime for the Clear + Brilliant Laser?

Minimal to none. There is mild redness that lasts for usually a few hours to a day that is either not noticeable or can be easily covered with a tinted sunscreen. After the first day, the skin has a light, sandpaper feel that is not noticeable without very very close scrutinization.

How long does the Clear + Brilliant Laser take?

Each session requires about 30 minutes.

Does the Clear + Brilliant Laser hurt?

No! Topical numbing cream ensures that most patients just feel little prickles when the laser is being used.

Can the Clear + Brilliant Laser be combined with Botox and Fillers?

Absolutely! The Clear + Brilliant Laser is the perfect complement to any injectable treatments such as botox and fillers. In fact, the golden “trifecta” for anti-aging includes relaxation of wrinkles with neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport, refilling of volume changes with fillers, and resurfacing with the Clear + Brilliant Laser to improve the overall canvas of the skin. It is very common for our patients to do all of these treatments on the same day, a few times a year—the perfect maintenance and upkeep for all rejuvenation needs.

How is the Clear + Brilliant Laser different than chemical peels?

Both treatments promote resurfacing through different methods and are often great when alternated to stimulate new collagen production and skin cell turnover. Unlike chemical peels, however, the Clear + Brilliant laser has minimal to no downtime, making it a lot easier to schedule into a busy lifestyle.

Can the Clear + Brilliant Laser be used for melasma or hormonal skin discoloration?

The 1972nm wavelength is part of the new DualWave™ Clear + Brilliant Touch Laser.  It is one of the few lasers with extremely low thermal (or heat) index, making it a safe and effective way to treat stubborn discoloration including melasma. It also makes the skin more permeable to skin brightening ingredients, both cosmeceutical grade and prescription-grade, including possible drug infusions of Tranexamic Acid and Hydroquinone. Dr. Chiu often pairs Clear and Brilliant Treatments with PRP which has been shown to help improve unwanted pigment in studies. Every patient receives a customized post-treatment infusion of antioxidants, growth factors, and brightening ingredients to bring back radiance and glow.

When can I expect to see results from the Clear + Brilliant Laser?

Results from the Clear + Brilliant Laser are both immediate and progressive, as improvements become more visible with additional treatment sessions. A few days following each treatment skin appears smoother, clearer, brighter and more even-toned, with a noticeable refinement in pore size, fine line, and texture. Best results are realized after a series of 3-6 sessions, scheduled three to four weeks apart not just to maintain results but to continue to improve the radiance of your skin.

What if I want more dramatic resurfacing of the skin?

If you are looking for a more dramatic correction of wrinkles and scarring, there are alternatives with a bit more downtime like non-ablative fractional laser or micro-focused radiofrequency INFINI. The Clear + Brilliant Laser can then be used after those treatments for maintenance of healthy skin. Dr. Chiu offers a fully customized, tailored experience based on your personal needs and wants, and can discuss what combination of treatments is best for you.