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Look naturally lifted with minimally invasive injectable threads.

Looking for a non-surgical, lifting, lunchtime procedure for droopy or lax skin?  Injectable threadlifts can be expertly utilized to recontour the face by providing upward lifting vectors in a subtle natural manner.

The most common areas treated by threadlifts include:

  • Jowls or jawline
  • Droopy or heavy cheeks
  • Lax or crepey neck
  • To provide a subtle brow lift
  • Body lifting including the knees and buttocks

What are Injectable Threads?

Injectable threadlifts uses absorbable PDO (polydioxanone) flexible sutures to create an instant lift for excess laxity of the skin in a short, no downtime lunchtime procedure.  PDO threads are absorbable surgical sutures that have been used in the body with a very long track record of safety in procedures like heart surgery.

Over time, due to gravity, loss of collagen, and loss of fat and bone support under the skin, our skin drapes more and appears more droopy.  This is especially evident in areas like the jawline and neck.  Threadlifts give an instant younger, lifted appearance to the skin, with minimal discomfort.

How Do Threadlifts Work?

Injectable threads utilize a thin suture preloaded onto a very thin needle that is expertly inserted in a lifting vector to pull up lax skin. There is no cutting of the skin, making this a true no downtime procedure. As the sutures dissolve over 4-6 months, new collagen is stimulated along the track of the sutures, leaving a skin firming and lifting effect that creates better contour.  These absorbable threads have tiny, barely visible “barbs” or hooks that latch on under the skin to help lift and contour to a more youthful shape.

Injectable threadlifts utilizes flexible absorbable sutures to help lift and contour the skin.

Non-Invasive Threadlift

How Else Can Threads Be Used?

In certain areas, like the corrugated smile lines that can be seen on the lower cheeks with age, injectable threads can be placed in a criss-cross perpendicular manner, much like a #hashtag sign.  This provides immediate support and collagen boosting in an area to induce longer-term skin tightening and decreasing crepiness.

Dr. Chiu, as a national leading expert in non-invasive cosmetic procedures, can utilize a thread lift in combination with other injectables like fillers and Sculptra to offset the age and gravity related downward migration of the skin to give patients a more rested, youthful contour and appearance.  The treatment is quick, simple and leaves no marks.  Dr. Chiu utilizes a micro-cannula numbing technique which allows the procedures to be performed with minimal discomfort.  Because it is not a surgical procedure, side effects and downtime associated with facelifts and necklifts can be avoided.  Results can last up to a year.

Please Review Our Pre and Post Threadlift Instructions for What to Expect.

Common Questions About Injectable Thread Lifts:

How long do thread treatments last?

Improvements last about a year, with maintenance treatments recommended.  The suture is absorbed in about 5-6 months.  Because injectable threads leave behind an area of new collagen production, or neocollagenesis even after the threads are absorbed—the firming results can be longlasting.

Do threadlifts hurt?

Local anesthetic and tiny needles are used to place injectable threads, so there is very low to minimal discomfort and often there are no visible side effects after treatment. Any nervousness can be eliminated with Pro-Nox, a 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen analgesia system.

How long does a threadlift take?

Thread lifts are considered a lunchtime procedure.  It can be easily completed in 30-40 minutes depending on how many areas are being treated.

Do threadlifts leave scars?

The threads are inserted into the skin using needles, so any marks typically heal and fade almost immediately. There are no incisions or cuts made on the skin.

Where can threadlifts be used?

Thread lifts can be used to recontour, redrape, and pull up lax skin on the face, neck, and even other parts of the body—such as the abdomen, legs, knees, and buttocks. Most common areas treated include the brow, jawline, and neck.

How much does a threadlift cost?

Cost always depends on the area and the individual treated, as some areas require more lift, and some people have heavier skin.  Treatments start at $2000.

To determine if threadlifts would be right for you, contact us at  (310) 939-9800 for a personalized consultation with Dr. Annie Chiu today.