Face + Neck for Men


Relax that frown. Repetitive movement over time gives everyone deep lines between the brows commonly referred to as “the elevens” or the “angry frown”. This occurs over time naturally and can start in some individuals as early as their 30s. Neuromodulator products such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin can soften and relax these lines to...

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Double Chin & Jawline Contouring

Designed to define the jawline and eliminate fullness under the chin. We all know the look we associate with a successful, masculine man...modeled after superheroes like Superman: the chiseled jawline -no double chin, no slack skin. A strong jawline in male patients gives the sense of confidence, strength, being fit, and of course youth. Browse...

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Anti-Aging Treatments

Look younger with no downtime. A few years ago, much of the focus of treatments like dermal fillers and botox was aimed at women. Nowadays, we are seeing a tremendous surge in rejuvenation treatments for men. Some men simply want to look their best, look younger, or get a competitive advantage in the workplace. Dermal fillers...

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