“Anyone looking for a fantastic dermatologist look no further! I recently contemplated Botox and fillers. As I do not like needles, I researched and talked to many friends who had these procedures. Quite a few recommend Dr. Chiu. I went to see her and was pleasantly surprised by her professional and kind demeanor. She explained every procedure as she was doing it and her touch was very light and gentle. And when dealing with needles, this is important! The effect of her work was subtle and not drastically visible as with some Botox/fillers. I was absolutely thrilled! I will schedule all future appointments with her and highly recommend her to anyone seeking a dermatologist!”

—A.T. Salem, OR

“I highly recommend Dr. Annie Chiu. I went to see three dermatologists before her and none of them were able to properly diagnose my illness. Dr. Chiu did an accurate diagnosis that led me to heal and feel better right away. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.”

—V.A. Beverly Hills, CA

“Of all the physicians I have seen in the past (a lot!), Dr. Chiu has been the most caring and thoughtful doctor I have met with … In my experience, it is rare to interact with a physician as compassionate, knowledgeable, and competent as Dr. Chiu.”

—H.C. Redondo Beach, CA

"I cannot recommend Dr. Chiu more highly for filler injections!! As a matter of fact I fly down all the way from the Bay area to see her.....

What I liked the best was that Dr. Chiu always took the time to listen to what I wanted, explained the entire process and told me exactly what I should expect from the juvederm treatment -- both during and after - and I think this caused the results to be better and more natural. She really wanted to make sure that I would be completely happy with the results and was genuine, thoughtful, and honest throughout the whole process. Even though I'd had Botox before, this was more thorough and kept me more involved than anyone else had in the past.

Yelpers mention how nice Dr. Chiu is and her committment to her patients, and I also found that to be true. Her excitement for her work, and her recognition that each person as an individual has different needs is inspiring. I feel great, it looks natural and I trust her, which is probably the most important thing for me."

—M.T. San Francisco, CA

"I just love Dr. Annie Chiu. Having lived in 10 cities over the past 14 years, she is the 9th dermatologist I've gone to and 100%, absolutely, positively my favorite.


First, she is throrough. She takes her time with you. And when it comes to your skin, the more thorough the better.

Second, she explains everything in ENGLISH. No, not the language, I mean explaining it so the layperson can understand it. Simple, direct, and you can tell she wants to make sure you understand exactly what she is saying.

Third, she is professional, yet pleasant, and, well, gosh, if my health insurance would pay for quarterly visits, I'd be there every 3 months, because she simply is ....... the best dermotologist I've ever seen."

—B.T. Los Angeles, CA

"Dr. Chiu is the best dermatologist that I've seen. She was very sweet and understanding because I was very hesitant and scared to try botox for the first time. She was very patient and gentle. It didn't hurt at all and I was very pleased with the results. She understood that I didn't want to go to drastic and she gave me a natural look to help break me in. =)

I definitely recommend Dr Chiu to everyone!"

—L.R. West Covina, CA