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Restore Youthful Contours with Restylane® Fillers

The Restylane family of fillers has over 20 years of clinical use and proven safety. These fillers are among the most popular and are used to replenish volume, contour the face, eliminate fine lines, and soften wrinkles and folds. Restylane fillers are hyaluronic acid-based products that are composed of a naturally occurring sugar in our skin that provides support and fullness.

Restylane lip enhancement.

Dermal fillers are a versatile treatment option, offering several different cosmetic enhancements. While they are best known for their wrinkle-fighting abilities, they are also a highly effective option for non-surgical lip augmentation. Restylane lip injections can give you a fuller lip appearance without surgery or downtime. Lip fillers can also enhance the shape and structure of the lips.

Dermal fillers usually last between 9-18 months when used in the lip area. We can maintain results with follow-up treatments performed only when necessary.

If you want fuller-looking lips or have lines around your lips, contact us to learn more about lip augmentation with Restylane.

Restylane for undereye hollows.

Another popular use of fillers is to help address undereye circles or hollows under the eye for a brightened, less tired appearance. This area, referred to as the tear trough, is the groove that runs from the inner corner of the eye along and below the lower eyelid. With genetics, age, lack of sleep, and thinning of the skin, this tear trough area can become hollow or sunken, leading to a tired, shadowed, and aged appearance. Fillers such as Restylane, Restylane Eyelight, or Belotero can be used to plump up the tear trough, filling any hollow or shadowy areas, and creating a smoother transition between the lower eyelid and cheek. In some cases, fillers can be strategically utilized to camouflage and smooth the appearance of mild eye bags.

It is essential to seek a highly experienced injector to treat the undereye area. This area is notoriously finicky due to the thin skin and high-movement muscles that surround the eye. A filler when injected incorrectly can lead to migration and bumpiness or unusual persistent swelling under the eye. The key is to seek an experienced injector such as Dr. Annie Chiu to ensure proper guidance with product choice, placement, and expectations for an optimal result. Learn more about fillers for the tear trough/undereye area, and see Dr. Chiu discussing fillers and a patient with undereye filler online.

The Restylane family of fillers include:

Restylane Classics with Particle Sized NASHA Technology:

  • Restylane
  • Restylane Eyelight
  • Restylane Lyft
  • Restylane Silk

Restylane XpresHAn with Flexible Gel Technology:

  • Restylane Refyne
  • Restylane Defyne
  • Restylane Kysse
  • Restylane Contour

One of our favorite areas to use Restylane is in the under-eye circles. It can be a dramatic instant effect that makes you look much more rested.

Most commonly used areas include:

  • Undereye Hollows and Circles
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Jawline
  • Vertical Lip Lines
  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Temples
  • Crinkly radiating smile lines

20 years and Counting of Rejuvenation and Safety

Replenish volume, eliminate fine lines, and soften wrinkles and folds with the Restylane® family of fillers.  Trust your face to Dr. Annie Chiu, a master injector and within the top 3% in the country for injectables used.

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Copy-of-shutterstock_120143356What makes Restylane different?

The Restylane XpresHAn technology fillers include Restylane Refyne, Restylane Defyne, Restylane Kysse and Restylane Contour. This class of hyaluronic acid- or sugar-based fillers were designed to maintain a “not done” appearance, and are great to keep expressions natural when smiling, pouting, or frowning.  XpresHAn is a patented sugar filler in its unique flexibility to appear natural in areas of high movement, like around the mouth, by moving with you, and decreasing tension across expressions. Because of this high flexibility and expressiveness, Restylane Defyne and Refyne are commonly used around the mouth (nasolabial folds), radiating cheek lines, jawlines, and hollows around the nose.

The Restylane classic family of fillers (Restylane, Restylane Eyelight, Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft) are based on the particle size of the hyaluronic acid, with Restylane Lyft having slightly larger particles that allow for deeper structural support or lift when desired, and Restylane Silk having the finest particle size to allow for filling of fine lines around the mouth area, often called “smoker’s lines.”

Additionally, most fillers can be virtually pain-free and bruise-free with Dr. Chiu’s expert “Needle-less” Micro-Cannula technique.

Refer to our Pre and Post Filler directions for best results and what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restylane

How Long Does Restylane Last?

There are many different fillers in the Restylane family. These fillers last from nine months to a year or more. The longevity of your filler will depend on the product used, the area receiving treatment, and your body’s response to the filler.

Can Restylane Fillers Be Used for Lip Augmentation?

Numerous fillers on the market, including the Restylane family, Juvederm family, and RHA family of fillers can be used to address lip shape, lip volume, lip size, and vertical lip lines (smoker’s lines). Lip fillers are not all the same and can look completely natural if done right! At The Derm Institute, Dr. Chiu will choose the best lip filler for you based on an assessment of your anatomy, facial shape, and desired outcome. Some lip filler products are softer, some are shapelier and plump, and some are super light and just give a glossing effect to the lip without volume—Dr. Chiu will work with you to choose the best formulation and brand of product that specifically fits your desired outcome.

Can Restylane be used for undereye circles and how long does it last?

Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane and Belotero can be used to correct undereye hollowing, dark circles, and to camouflage mild undereye bags. Restylane Eyelight is the first FDA-approved filler for the undereye area, although other products may be more appropriate depending on a patient’s specific anatomy and skin thickness. The undereye is considered a complex area to achieve long-lasting satisfactory results requiring expert and experienced injectors like Dr. Chiu for optimal results. Undereye fillers can last 9 months to 2 years, and at times even longer!

What’s the Difference Between Restylane and Juvederm?

Restylane and Juvederm are both hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. We are delighted to offer both types of fillers at our Redondo Beach practice. Dr. Chiu will choose the option that is best suited for your rejuvenation needs.

Can I Get Restylane and Botox Injections at the Same Time?

Neuromodulators like Botox, Dysport, or Jeuveau are an excellent complement to Restylane fillers. Fillers add volume to the face and fill in stubborn creases while botulinum toxin treatments relax the muscles that cause expression lines and wrinkles. Pairing these treatments together provides full facial rejuvenation without surgery.

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