Just for Men

Men’s Rejuvenation

Masculine and confident results. Reversing the signs of aging, or just relaxing the appearance of the stressors of high pressure jobs and long hours at work is now more in demand among men then ever. In the last few years, there’s been a 300% increase in the number of men seeking anti-aging procedures. When you…

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Face + Neck


Relax that frown. Repetitive movement over time gives everyone deep lines between the brows commonly referred to as “the elevens” or the “angry frown”. This occurs over time naturally and can start in some individuals as early as their 30s. Neuromodulator products such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin can soften and relax these lines to…

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Double Chin & Jawline Contouring

Designed to define the jawline and eliminate fullness under the chin. We all know the look we associate with a successful, masculine man . . . modeled after superheroes like Superman: the chiseled jawline -no double chin, no slack skin. A strong jawline in male patients gives the sense of confidence, strength, being fit, and…

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Anti-Aging Treatments

Look younger with no downtime. A few years ago, much of the focus of treatments like dermal fillers and botox was aimed at women. Nowadays, we are seeing a tremendous surge in rejuvenation treatments for men. Some men simply want to look their best, look younger, or get a competitive advantage in the workplace. Dermal fillers…

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CoolSculpting for Men

Lose unwanted fat, permanently.  No surgery.  No downtime. Dr. Chiu and The Derm Institute offers a welcoming, private, and comfortable environment for men to chat ways to improve their confidence. One of the most popular procedures for men? CoolSculpting! We can partner with you to get rid of those stubborn areas of fat that...

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Vanquish Fat Elimination

Target stubborn areas of unwanted fat with Vanquish Fat Elimination. For some individuals, despite consistent workouts and a healthy diet, certain areas of the body hang on to stubborn fat.  Vanquish ME (Maximal Energy) Radiofrequency Fat Elimination is a completely non-invasive, no downtime treatment to target either stubborn areas of unwanted fat, or to jump...

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Non-Surgical Body Sculpt

Add definition and tone to the body. One of The Derm Institute’s Signature Procedures is the pioneering use of Sculptra Aesthetic to add definition and tone to the body - what Dr. Chiu refers to as “body sculpt." Sculptra is classically an injectable treatment for the face that boosts your own body’s collagen production where...

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Customized skincare regimen for all your masculine needs. Skin health on a man needs to be addressed differently as men typically have thicker, more sebaceous (oily) skin with increased hair density. We understand a healthy skincare regimen has to work with every lifestyle, and Dr. Chiu and The Derm Institute Team is thrilled to partner...

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Acne Scarring Treatment

A comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to Acne Scarring. Acne Scarring is a challenging cosmetic issue for many who come to seek our help. These individuals may find it hard to find an effective treatment or cosmetic coverup to resolve their unsightly blemishes. Because different types of acne scars can occur within the same patient, a customized and...

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Physician Grade Peels

Designed to improve your skin texture. Bothered by general rough texture, uneven skin color, oiliness, breakouts, or bumpy skin?  Physician grade chemical peels use naturally derived acids that break up the top layers of the skin, dissolving dead skin cells and reversing photodamage. One of our most popular procedures in male patients, chemical peels are...

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Brown Spots + Broken Vessels

Achieve clear, fresh skin. Sun spots or lentigines that appear as brown spots or age spots over time are harmless discolorations that may accumulate on the skin due to exposure to the sun. These spots are not medically dangerous, but can lead to an uneven, spotted appearance. Clear, fresh skin is easy to achieve when...

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