acne-scarring-laserFind the best customized solution.

Acne Scarring is a frustrating and difficult condition to treat effectively. Dr. Chiu and the team at The Derm Institute are uniquely qualified in improving the appearance of depressed or pitted acne scars in any skin type.

Based on your acne scarring pattern and skin color, we will partner with you to find the best solution to customize a complete acne scarring treatment regimen as multiple types of acne scarring often occur together.

Acne scars have three major sub types:

Ice pick or pitted scars are narrow, less than 2mm wide, but deep, forming a V shape in the skin.
These scars look like icepick pricks or pits, and are deeper than they are wide and respond well to TCA CROSS technique, where 100% Tricholoracetic acid is used to promote new collagen production and closing of these icepick “holes” over a few treatments.
Boxcar scars are punched out scars that can be round or linear with sharp edges.
This type of scar appears as a punched out area of skin with sharp demarcated edges that can be round or linear. They are among the most stubborn of acne scar types to treat.
Rolling scars are depressed scars with gentle sloping edges that disappear when the skin is stretched.
Rolling acne scars are sloped edges, and are by definition—distensible.  Meaning they disappear if the skin is stretched. These types of scars are particularly responsive to treatment with a dermal filler (link). Bellafill (link) is a FDA-Approved filler specifically used to treat acne scars for 5 years plus.

The Derm Institute utilizes the latest in technologies to find an effective way to smooth acne scarred skin. Because different types of acne scars can occur in the same patient, Dr. Chiu designed the Acne Scarring 360° Program, which emphasizes the use of a multi-dimensional approach to acne scarring.

Dr. Chiu will combine techniques of subcision (the breaking up of bands that pull scars down), excision (the surgical removal of larger scars), TCA CROSS technique, microneedling (link), Bellafill or other dermal fillers with the latest in energy based devices including Fractional Ablative Laser, Fractional Non-Ablative Laser, and Microfocused Radiofrequency Infini (link all) to help achieve the most complete improvement in acne scarred skin.

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