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Physican Grade Skincare Backed by Science

SkinLab MD Product LineWe are proud to offer a physican-grade skincare line formulated to fill gaps in over the counter cosmeceutical products with high quality, scientifically proven ingredients. Dr. Chiu hand-selected these ingredients and products to provide our patients with prescription grade quality treatments that cannot be found in other skincare lines on the market.

SkinLab Illuminizing and Retexturizing CreamSkinLab Illuminizing and Retexturizing Treatment

AIRBRUSH your skin . . .
Get glossy glowing skin with this exclusively formulated ultra potent fusion of medical grade retinoids, physician exclusive TCA exfoliants, and antioxidants. [Read more]

SkinLab Weekly Mini Peel PadsSkinLab Weekly Mini Peel Pads

RESURFACE your skin . . .
Our bestselling product . . . A revolutionary resurfacing pad that blends physician strength exfoliating acids in a gentle formulation to keep your skin dewy, fresh, glowing, and baby smooth all year round. [Read more]

SkinLab Weekly Power Peel PadsSkinLab Weekly POWER Peel Pads

BOOST your skin . . .
An advanced, more powerful version of our incredibly popular Weekly Peel Pads that utilizes a supercharged blend of prescription strength exfoliating acids including 10% TCA exfoliants for radiantly youthful, pore refined, and ageless skin. [Read more]

SkinLab Dew DropsSkinLab Dew Drops

QUENCH your skin . . .
Give your skin a dewy, supple, and smooth finish. Enriched with soothing Vitamin B5, these incredibly hydrating hyaluronic acid droplets are formulated with anti-aging, wrinkle fighting peptides along with collagen boosting antioxidants such as Green Tea Extract and Niacinamide. [Read more]

SkinLab iGlossSkinLab iGloss Eye Treatment Cream

Restore LUSTRE to your eyelid skin . . .
This breakthrough intensive restorative eye treatment combines Physician Exclusive .5% TCA exfoliants, antiaging peptides, and antioxidants to improve fine lines and crepy skin around the eyes. [Read more]

SkinLab Miracle C SerumSkinLab Miracle C Serum

INVIGORATE your skin . . .
A revolutionary serum formulated with high quality, high potency, and advanced antioxidants blended to brighten the skin, boost collagen, and reduce pigment. [Read more]

exfoliating-cream editsSkinLab GlycoCleanse Cleanser

PURIFY your skin . . .
An exfoliating poly-hydroxy acid based cleanser that promotes radiant, clear skin. Formulated with anti-inflammatory lavender to brighten the complexion, exfoliate dull skin cells, and reduce pore appearance. [Read more]

SkinLab Medicated Glow PadsSkinLab Daily Glow Pads

CLARIFY your skin . . .
A medical grade exfoliating cleansing pad that promotes a clear, smooth, and polished complexion. [Read more]

SkinLab Brighten and Lift LightentingCream 6 and 8% (Prescription Only)

discolorations on your skin . . .
Our ultra potent prescription, specially compounded lightening and firming cream combines lightening ingredients stronger than you can find even at the pharmacy. [Read more]

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