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Experience the First FDA-Approved Treatment for Cellulite dimples with QWO

One of the biggest misconceptions of cellulite is that it’s the result of being out of shape or carrying extra pounds. The truth is, cellulite can be experienced by anyone, including athletes in great shape, because cellulite dimples are actually a structural issue caused by vertical tight connective tissue bands beneath the surface of your skin pulling down on the skin, and creating a dell or dimple in an otherwise smooth surface.

There are numerous ineffective creams, brushes, and gadgets on the market that claim to work for cellulite, but finally we have an brand new FDA-approved injectable treatment for cellulite dimples, especially in the buttocks called QWO which targets these stubborn fibrous bands under the skin.

What is QWO injectable treatment for cellulite dimples?

QWO is the first non surgical FDA-approved injectable treatment for cellulite in the dimples of the buttocks in women. It is made of liquid collagenase, which is an enzyme that breaks down the fibrous bands that pull down the skin to create the uneven appearance we associate with cellulite. It is approved for the treatment of dimples on the buttocks as a series of near painless injections spaced about 3 weeks apart.

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How does QWO work?

QWO is an injection that works on the structural cause of cellulite, these fibrous bands called septae that tether the skin down, causing a cellulite “dimple.” These fibrous septae are composed primarily of collagen. QWO contains collagenase, an enzyme that targets type I and III collagen in these fibrous bands, enzymatically dissolving and releasing the fibrous bands. Release of the fibrous septae eliminates the skin tethering, smoothing the skin and softening or eliminating cellulite dimples in a series of painless treatments.

The ideal candidate for QWO have distinct buttock cellulite dimples without clenching. QWO is not nearly as effective for wavy, textural changes that some also refer to as cellulite, but are more consistent with skin laxity. For skin laxity, body injectable contouring treatments with biostimulatory Sculptra or Radiesse can be very effective. Dr. Chiu is a pioneer in the use of injectables for body sculpting and contouring. As one of the first practices utilizing QWO, Dr. Chiu can not only smooth cellulite dimples, but can combine other body sculpting biostimulatory fillers to give you the smooth, confident skin that you desire. Qwo treatments are quick and effective, as well as relatively painless. Patients may see improvements as early as three weeks, but most patients require multiple (at least 3) treatment cycles of QWO for optimal results.

As one of the first practices utilizing QWO, Dr. Chiu can not only smooth cellulite dimples, but can combine other body sculpting biostimulatory fillers to give you the smooth, confident skin that you desire.

Patient Results

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Common Questions:

What areas can be treated with QWO?

QWO is most effective for dimples that can be seen with standing on the buttocks. Wavy or lax skin is not effective for treatment with QWO.  We are learning the ideal way to treat dimples on the thigh, but it is currently not a FDA-approved area for QWO.

What is recovery like for QWO?

QWO injectable treatment is typical done after the application of numbing cream after dimples are marked off.  There is very minimal to no pain during the treatment.  After the treatment, you can resume normal activities.  Some swelling and tenderness is normal.  Almost all patients bruise following the first treatment, but bruising tends to lessen with subsequent treatments. 

When will I see results with QWO?

Qwo is administered as a series of injections, typically spaced about a three weeks apart. Stacked, consistent treatment intervals yields better results, which are achieved after several months.

How much does QWO cost?

QWO injections for cellulite dimples vary by cost based on your type of skin changes, and how extensive. Treatments start around $1000.

How long does results of QWO last?

Because Qwo directly targets the structural cause of cellulite, results are likely long-lasting.

Can I use QWO with other procedures?

Yes, a multi-dimensional and layered approach to cellulite and skin texture often leads to optimal results. Biostimulatory body sculpting injectables, emsculpt, or exilis can improve skin texture and muscle tone, further augmenting the results of a treatment like QWO.