I just love Dr. Annie Chiu.

“I just love Dr. Annie Chiu. Having lived in 10 cities over the past 14 years, she is the 9th dermatologist I’ve gone to and 100%, absolutely, positively my favorite.


First, she is throrough. She takes her time with you. And when it comes to your skin, the more thorough the better.

Second, she explains everything in ENGLISH. No, not the language, I mean explaining it so the layperson can understand it. Simple, direct, and you can tell she wants to make sure you understand exactly what she is saying.

Third, she is professional, yet pleasant, and, well, gosh, if my health insurance would pay for quarterly visits, I’d be there every 3 months, because she simply is ……. the best dermotologist I’ve ever seen.”

—B.T. Los Angeles, CA