Sheet Masks- Worth the hype?

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Celebrities are often raving about the best ways to get a natural beautiful glow to their skin. That keep them red carpet ready for special events and for their daily lifestyle. What is the latest craze that everyone from Kim Kardashian to beauty editors are excited about? Sheet Masks!


Sheet masks are the latest skincare products to hit the market by storm. Originating in Korea, sheet masks are individually wrapped luxury facials for all skin types that are convenient for all users. Unlike typical clay facial masks, the cloth sheet masks are very easy to apply and come in single use packages. The sheet masks are infused with supercharged serum to target specific facial concerns, including dryness, pores, and even dull skin. These wonderful products make at-home facials so much easier!

In just fifteen to twenty minutes, the masks are able to target important skin issues, especially tone, hydration, firmness, and clarity, making it a huge favorite among celebrities today. We love them during airplane travel. Below you will find a few of The Derm Institute’s favorite types of sheet masks:

To hydrate your skin, useSheet Mask_SKII

  • SK-11 Facial Treatment Mask: Although pricey, your skin is guaranteed to look glowing and healthy after just one use ($95 for 6).

To purify your skin, use

To brighten your skin, use

For a DIY sheet mask: Soak a tissue with your favorite toner, or essence, like Murad Hydrating Toner,then moisten with green tea. Place the soaked tissues on your face. Let this dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. Voila, dewy skin!

sheet mask instructions

Sheet masks are the biggest trend in the world of beautiful skin today, so don’t let these wonderful products pass you by!

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