The Lifecycle of a Chemical Peel

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Chemical peels are a great way to promote not only exfoliation of the skin but minimization of pores and  long-term collagen boosting effects as well.

Typically on the day of the peel and the say after, the skin looks glowing, refreshed and tightened. On Day 3 and 4 the skin starts flaking, and how much flaking is dependent on the strength of the peel selected by your physician. By Day 6 pores are exfoliated and the skin starts looking refreshed, lines are softened, and pigment is more even. But the longterm effects of collagen boosting last long after the peeling is completed.  When planning a peel, keep these dates in mind. For example if you work during the week, the best days for a peel are Wednesdays and Thursdays if you want the “flaky” days to fall on a weekend.

Most light to moderate peels are best done in a series spaced about 4-6 weeks apart. The results can amplify with regular repetition!  Schedule your peel today!