10 Skin Tips for this Fall

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1. Consider a peel

Erase summer sun damage and skin stress by giving your face a fresh start this fall.

cream2. Change to a heavier night cream

Get ready for drier weather with a slightly heavier night cream this fall, like SkinMedica’s Dermal Repair Cream or Murad’s Hydro-Dymanic Moisturizer available in our skin boutique.

3. Invest in a Serum with Anti-aging Properties

Invest in an all purpose antiaging serum to nourish your skin.  Dr. Chiu’s absolute favorite?  SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum!

pumpkin4. Keep your skin and body healthy with a medley of Fall Vegetables

Fall vegetables like squash and pumpkin are filled with antioxidants that can boost your skin health and reduce sun damage.

5. Use Hydrating Soap or Shower Gel to keep your skin hydrated

Using an oil-based cleanser to help lock in moisture for your skin.  We like Avene’s XeraCalm Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil  

6. Consider In-Office Treatments Best done in the Fall

Treatments like IPL, Sclerotherapy, and Chemical Peels can be optimized in the Fall and Winter, schedule now so you won’t regret it when the weather warms up again!

7. Keep those Hands Moisturized

Turn back aging hands with a hand treatment like Revision’s Lumiquin.  Our patients love it, check out the before and after!a

8. Get some Sleep!

Take advantage of the shorter daylight hours by establishing a good sleep routine and getting to bed on time!  Your skin will thank you for this extra time to repair and regenerate.

9. Add an exfoliating Eye Cream

Improve texture, puffiness, and crepeiness with SkinLab’s iGloss eye cream.

10. Consider a Vitamin B 12 shot

Boost your metabolism and immune system to fight off winter colds and fatigue with a series of B 12 shots.

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