Introducing: A Fat Melting Machine?!? Sign me up ASAP!!!

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A fat melting machine? Too good to be true?

Not according to recent studies conducted with the VANQUISH Fat Elimination System, which The Derm Institute is unveiling this month at our office. We have been waiting and sifting through the hype and gimmick of various fat and body contouring devices to find one that would be the most predictable, comfortable, and safe for our patients. We have finally found it in VANQUISH.

The VANQUISH fat loss system utilizes non-invasive, non-surgical radiofrequency energy to target the fat layer by gently heating fat cells. Results can be seen after only four weekly sessions. Patients feel only a warm sensation on the skin. When this technology was unveiled this year, published studies showed all the treated patients had visible results after even the first treatment! After the full course of four sessions, 59% of abdominal fat was destroyed, or vanquished, on average, resulting in a two-inch, and sometimes 3-inch reduction in waist size!

Because the technology utilizes radiofrequency “heat” to cause fat cell apoptosis (or fat cell death, which is metabolized in the body through urine) and not just the loss of fat in the cell, the results should be long lasting. This safe and comfortable procedure showed no evidence of damage to the skin, hair follicles, muscles or organs. It specifically targets fat cells with radio waves often used in dermatology for collagen remodeling, tightening, and now fat elimination. Only an even distribution of warmth is felt, essentially like a targeted mini sauna for your body.

Vanquish SystemThis treatment is perfect for people whom have tried dieting and exercise, but just need help burning off those last inches or to target stubborn areas such as the dreaded “muffin top”, “love-handles”, or “bra-bulge”. It is also a great adjunct for a special occasion: our brides, grooms and tropical vacationers have been signing up! Vanquish wraps and contours large surface areas such as the stomach, outer thigh, back, abdomen, flanks, bra fat, and love handles. The treatment eliminates more fat than any other non- invasive treatment currently on the market. It destroys 59% of targeted fat, while having the most comfort and least potential risk of side effects.

How does Vanquish defer from other fat busting machines?

At The Derm Institute, we always want our patients to receive the most safe, comfortable, optimal and predictable results with any treatment that we offer. Other procedures such as Coolsculpting or Zeltiq are used more as a spot treatment, with the affected “spot” feeling like a frozen stick of butter that needs to be massaged afterward. Treatment of fat with other procedures such as Coolsculpting typically require multiple 1 hour sessions. Large areas such as the abdomen or back need multiple applicators with other body contouring devices on the market, with treatments that need to be stacked and overlapped to avoid possible lumps or shelving, and sometimes causing swelling and pain requiring medication. In contrast, the VANQUISH Fat Loss System hovers over an entire treatment area such as the abodomen and can even wrap around the love handles in one session, causing a more even reduction in fat loss.

Vanquish Before and After Side

Dr. Chiu recommends patients to stay extra hydrated (at least 8 glasses of water) the day before and after your treatments, allowing adequate hydration and drainage of the fat system. It is also important to stay diligent in visiting us once a week for four times to receive your Vanquish treatment. Each treatment is typically only 30 to 45 minutes at most. To maintain your results, we suggest sustaining your current lifestyle, and even better, adequate exercise and a healthy diet. Treated fat cells do not regenerate, however it is possible for new fat cells to grow due to external causes if you change to a more sedentary lifestyle.

30 minutes weekly for 4 weeks and  an average loss of 2 inches or 1-2 dress sizes . . . The Derm Institute is so excited to bring our patients this state of the art technology.

Contact us to schedule, sit back, relax, and VANQUISH your fat . . .

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