5 Places You Didn’t Know You Could Use Injectables ••To Fix!

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1. Botox in your scalp aka “BLOW-TOX”. Wish your blow out would last longer? There’s help! Botox in the scalp decreases oil and sweat production on the scalp, which are the pesky things reverts your hair to its pre-blowout frizz. Now get longer lasting smooth blowouts with BLOW-TOX!

2. Fillers in the earlobes. Have you noticed droopier earrings when you wear them? Or the pierced earlobe looking elongated? With time, collagen loss occurs in the earlobes and they flatten, and the weight of earrings can make the lobes look saggy and draggy. A smidge of filler in the earlobes can correct this instantly and get those diamond earrings to frame your face beautifully again.earlobe correction


3. Kybella in the armpit pooch. Summer is here, and strapless dresses reveal that little pooch of fatty skin under the arms no matter how thin you are! Consider Kybella, the first FDA • Approved injectable that dissolves fat. In a single session you can get PERMANENT fat reduction in this area!








4. Voluma for a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Annoyed by a flattened profile, a slightly not straight nose, or a bump on the nose? Juvederm Voluma when used in expert hands like Dr. Chiu and yield AMAZING non-surgical instant results. She can straighten a crooked nose, build height to a flat bridge, refine and tilt up the tip. Our patients think the results are truly magical. Lasts up to 2 years!Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty









5. Sculptra for vertical boob lines. Notice when you wake up in the AM, there are creases on your chest and especially on between your breasts? This gives the chest a saggy, aged appearance. Sculptra, typically in 2 sessions, rejuvenates this area beautifully, improving both the skin texture, correcting the lines and giving the breasts a subtle lift. A must treatment for those who like V or plunging necklines!

Advanced techniques of injectables can be used to correct all sorts of problem areas you never thought there was a solution for. Feel free to call our office (link) for any additional information. We are experts at keeping you looking and feeling confident and beautiful in your skin.