Get The SKIN•NY On The Newest FDA•Approved Filler: VOLBELLA

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Want glossy pillowy lips without the dreaded “trout pout”?  Now is the time to put your fears away—Vobella is here!

Before & After

Volbella is the newest filler approved by the FDA.  Like its cousin, Voluma, Volbella comes from the makers of Botox, and is comprised of cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, but its defining characteristic is its ultra smooth, ultra fine, and ultra soft consistency, making it an ideal filler for pesky lines around the mouth, aka “smoker’s lines” (although these occur in non-smokers too!), and for those who want a very natural lip rejuvenation.


There are so many fillers on the market–what makes Volbella different?

Volbella is part of the Juvederm Voluma family, uniquely characterized by VYCROSS technology, which through special efficient crosslinking, allows longer lasting results with minimal swelling.

  • Minimal swelling effect, unlike other lip fillers on the market where you have a few days of swelling before the lips settle down.
  • Not for building enlarged lips, more for a glossing, slight plumping effect, like wearing the best lip gloss you can imagine 24-7.
  • Ideal for fine etched lines around the mouth, including vertical, “smoker appearing” lip lines.
  • Can be used for etched fine wrinkles other than the lip area as well.



How long does it last?  What kind of results can I expect?

Dr. Chiu has perfected her TDI “Lip Glossing” technique with lip fillers.  Her technique with Volbella, as well as other lip fillers is to achieved a “just kissed” look—where the lip is slightly plumped, has a glowing sheen, and a dewy appearance.  Just a touch of sexy . . . and with Volbella, the results are so natural no one will know!   Let’s say your secret will be sealed with a kiss . . . And it’s long lasting—up to a year!

When will it be available in the United States?

Because Dr. Chiu is a nationally recognized master injector and physician trainer, The Derm Institute will be among the first clinics in Los Angeles to offer Volbella, this revolutionary new filler which is slated for wider release in October.  Contact the office to get on the waitlist today!

Then, stay tuned for Vol-Lift . . .  in the TRIAD of VYCROSS fillers. . . also coming this year.

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