Look Rested. Look Younger. But don’t look “Done”!

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With the recent chatter about Renee Zellweger and other alleged celebrity dramatic changes in appearance, we hear a lot of concerns from patients about cosmetic procedures making them look “fake” or “done”. At The Derm Institute, we have lots of secrets to keep your look refreshed without changing who you are. We want everyone to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, and we know how to simply make you look like the very best version of YOU.

volumaOne of our favorite products to achieve the soft, natural and rested appearance is with the filler product Juvederm Voluma. Voluma is made of a patented cross-linking of a naturally derived sugar molecule called hyaluronic acid. This VyCross technology gives Juvederm Voluma a more significant lifting effect and longer lasting results than other cosmetic fillers currently on the market.

Voluma utilizes your own body’s natural ability towards hydration around sugar molecules like hyaluronic acid.  The injected Voluma attracts water and collaborates with collagen for production of elasticity and volume in sunken areas of the face to bring a natural, softer, rejuvenated appearance.

Voluma is classically used on mid-face areas such as the cheeks, as they do drop with Voluma before and aftergravity over time.  The first signs of a sunken and tired appearance are normally at the mid-face/cheeks.  The cheeks have the greatest surface area on our face compared to the rest of our face.  So it is best to keep the cheeks higher for a seemingly rested face, and to reflect light flatteringly instead of a shadowed, tired appearance.

When youthful volume is restored in the cheek area, a natural luminous glow appears furthering an appearance of rejuvenation and rest.  Think about the glow makeup artists strive to create using “highlight powder” on high point areas such as the cheek bone.  Lifting facial features with Voluma is achieving this from the inside out.  Recent studies also show Juvederm Voluma may also induce local collagen production, giving the skin texture a brighter, dewy appearance.  Our patients are loving their results.

Dr. Chiu is a master Juvederm Voluma injector, and she utilizes it not only for cheek lift, but also to rejuvenate hollowed temples and undereye areas.  Non-surgical shaping of the nose and chin augmentation can also be done beautifully and naturally with Juvederm Voluma.  Dr. Chiu can add additional lift to a flatter nose, or build a soft chin that augments the heart shape of the face.  This is an extremely popular procedure among our Asian patients.

With predicted last time of around 18-24 months.  Voluma is great for a natural and rejuvenated appearance while avoiding the “taut” and “fake” look.   Results are seen immediately, with a chance of bruising for 2-7 days after the procedure with slight redness for the first few hours.

Looking dewy fresh and rejuvenated without looking “done” or looking like you “tried” is an art.  Luckily TDI and Dr. Chiu has the tools to master this art, you just need to provide us with the canvas!  For more questions please call us at or email to schedule a free consultation on how you could look more rested.  Dr. Chiu and TDI are always here for you!

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