The Liquid Lift

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Sculptra® and Juvéderm VOLUMA™ to restore “baby fat” on the face . . . the Liquid Lift

Now that the season is changing to chillier days, complement your natural winter flushed rosy cheeks with restored voluminous cheeks.

Let”s go back to our roots…when we were getty_newjust a baby!  3-dimensional Liquid Facelift via volumnization on the face is an ongoing sensation for restoring a youthful look.  At a younger age, facial fat contributes to volume and lift, and gives you a vibrant, youthful appearance.

Over time, there is overall loss of fat on the face, as well as gravitational changes.  Studies show that skin aging is only 20-30% genetics, the rest is due to environmental factors.  This should be good news if you are wearing your daily sunscreen protection!  But what is the key contributing factor for that youthful look that we want to maintain?  As we age, we start to lose facial volume and plumpness across the face.  When we age or even just lose weight, we tend to look older with sunken or hollow cheeks. Sunken cheeks and a sagging chin are both key points on the face that gives away our age and could even cause us to look older then we really are. People, who are very active, such as runners, also have increased facial volume loss.

liquid-lift-manhattan-beachLike a balloon, our cheeks will begin to deflate and lose plumpness with time.  As we age, the first area to show this deflation and droop is the mid face area.  Dermatologists call youthful faces the “triangle of youth”.  Which means if you connect the highest point of the cheeks from the ear to ear, then finish the triangle connection at the chin, the widest part of the face would be the cheeks for a heart-shaped face.  However, with age, the triangle reverses, and the widest part is now the chin.  Restoring volume in the cheeks lifts the face and defines youth.

Sculptra and Juvederm Voluma are both great fillers to restore volume and gift your face with a youthful sparkle and are keys to obtaining a Liquid Lift.

Sculptra slowly replenishes the collagen lost from aging or even weight loss. It works beautifully and naturally for sunken cheeks and to boost overall skin texture. Collagen is an essential ingredient that gives our face form, volume, and glow.  At around age 25, production of collagen decreases by 2% each year, which means collagen is broken down faster than our skin is able to replenish. Sculptra is a collagen stimulator which gradually helps bring back lost collagen and volume.  This water based collagen stimulator is injected in the skin to create natural volume and restore lift:  lifting the cheeks, softening nasolabial folds, reduce jowls, and improving texture via collagen stimulation.  Sculptra is normally used for adding volume to temples, cheeks, and chin, and can be used to rejuvenate the chest as well.

Sculptra Manhattan BeachJuvederm Voluma targets the specific areas of the skin that make us appear older.  It helps restore our cheeks, cheekbone, and chin. Juvederm Voluma is especially designed for volume loss for the midface area. Juvederm contains hyaluronic acid, a casino online complex sugar, known as glycosaminoglycan found throughout the body. This naturally occurring sugar molecule in our skin helps restore lost facial elasticity and supports volume and contours to the face and chin.  It rejuvenates volume loss and restores the mid face area. Juvederm Voluma aids in creating a natural, and elastic looking skin.  The results are instant, and last for up to 18-24 months.

What our patients love about Juvederm Voluma and Sculptra is that it is a “lunch time” treatment, meaning there is no downtime! You could apply makeup right after and go to work.

So which fillers should I choose? And what”s the difference?  You should choose your filler based on the amount of lift needed, and the desired length of duration for the product. Call for a free consultation and Dr. Chiu will guide you through the subtle differences in all the fillers for your “Perfect Airbrushed Lift”.  If a smaller amount of volume/filling is needed then we suggest Juvederm Voluma. If more lift or overall improvement of skin texture is needed, then Sculptra is more cost friendly for a longer period of time.

Everyone ages differently and is working with a different budget, so there is no one solution that fits all. At the Derm Institute we firmly believe in finding the right mix between aging naturally while maximizing and enhancing your natural beauty.  Contact the Derm Institute today for a complementary cosmetic consultation.  Dr. Chiu and the Derm Institute team would love to help you get that perfect balance for your youthful sparkle!  Let”s put your best face forward for this holiday season and the upcoming New Year!


. . . Shared by Dr. Chiu and The Derm Institute Team