The Underdog for Underarms: Botox

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Consider doing yourself a favor:  ditch the deodorant and have a sweat free summer this year:  one of the most successful treatments our patients love is the use of Botox for underarm sweating.

or inconvenient sweating is referred to as hyperhidrosis, and could happen to any body part. This includes soles of the feet, palms, underarm area, and the face.  Hyperhidrosis affects 7.8 million of the U.S. population, so this is a more frequent issue than you may have thought.  Most of us treat underarm sweating as part of daily life with the use of deodorants and antiperspirants.  But when antiperspirants are not enough, or you are just sick of dealing with deodorant, or those pesky sweat marks are ruining your clothing, Botox can be the solution to your problems!

Here are some signs your sweat is getting in your way and a little Botox can help:

  • Your white shirts or other clothing are sometimes ruined by sweat stains
  • You are avoiding certain clothing fabrics/colors
  • Antiperspirants/wipes/towels don’t totally control sweating for an entire day, and at times causes irritation
  • High drycleaning bills to remove underarm sweat stains

Botox for sweating or hyperhidrosis works to suppress Woman UnderarmEDITSchemical signals used to
activate sweat glands.  Therefore, with inactive chemical signals, sweat gland production significantly slows down.  Using Botox as a treatment for excessive sweating is the best way to prevent staining of any of your delicate clothes, or maybe it is finally the reason to try that color you can’t wear because of sweating.  Get rid of those annoying trips to the dry cleaners and that fear of sweat marks when raising your arms!

Sweating is a necessary part of body temperature regulation. However, injecting the underarm with Botox does not have a negative effect to the body’s need to regulate its own temperature. The underarm area houses less than 2% of the body’s total sweat glands, thus the body still has 98% active sweat glands.  In addition, the body would not need to compensate itself by sweating more in other sweat glands.

The Derm Institute offers a quick, convenient, and painless treatment to improve your summer lifestyle—Botox for underarm sweating.  Dr. Chiu often says this treatment pays for itself with the amount you save on drycleaning!  The procedure typically lasts from 10-15 minutes, and uses a very fine needle to inject around 50 units of Botox per underarm area.  What about the pain factor?  Rest assured, the actual injection hurts far less then waxing.  Results should start to kick in within 2-4 days of treatment, taking up to 2 weeks for the full effect, with results lasting from 7-12 months.  As always, Dr. Chiu and TDI are always here for your questions and concerns.  Give us a call with any questions that you might have, and we hope to see you soon!  Here’s to wearing white again and to a fuss free dry underarm!

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