Are your hands giving away your age? TDI’s Radiesse “Hand•Lift” to the rescue!

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As we become more expert and advanced at rejuvenation of the face and neck, more and more patients are noticing the changes that occur over time on the hands. This is one of the most age-telling areas on the body, as it is almost always exposed.

Chronic sun exposure and time thins the skin and collagen, and the skin becomes lax and discolored with sun or age spots. The hands lose plumpness and firmness, becoming more “bony” appearing, with veins and a skeletal appearance.

Treating these changes is an incredibly easy set of non-invasive, non-surgical procedures that result in extremely high satisfaction and duration of improvement (1-2 years!).



Step 1: Replenish Volume

The FDA recently approved Radiesse as the first and only injectable filler to correct for thinning, bony, skeletal appearing hands that have more bone and vein show. Radiesse instantly restores and replumps to give a more youthful appearance. Radiesse is a filler made of microspheres of natural calcium hydroxylapatite, which provides a scaffold to stimulate your own body’s production of collagen. The product has been used safely for facial rejuvenation for many years, and is eventually metabolized out of the body.

Placed beneath the skin on the back of the hands, Radiesse provides instant smoothing of wrinkles and long lasting results up to 1-2 years in a 15 minute treatment session! The result is smooth, beautiful, and natural.


Step 2: Brown Spot Removal

In an easy treatment with either a V-beam or IPL laser, 1-2 sessions can clear brown spots on the hands with very minimal downtime. These lasers target the discolorations on the hands so the skin appears even toned and not “spotty.”

Step 3: Maintenance and Nourish

The texture of the skin is important to maintain. Keeping the hands sun protected, nourished, and moisturized is important to discourage the return of brown spots, reduce fine lines and crepiness, and also give the appearance of healthy thickened skin.

  • Daily sunscreens for your hands should be reapplied throughout the day. We powder them up with Sunforgettable SPF 50 Powder for quick reapplication in the car.
  • Nightly treatment with a product like Revision’s Lumiquin hand cream with licorice root extract, Vitamin C, and peptides brighten and reduce fine lines. This keeps the hands smooth and soft. Dr. Chiu loves this product. She keeps a tube on her bedstand and puts just a pea-size on the back of the hands nightly.
  • Light Peels can maintain the suppleness for hand holding . . . Try SkinLab’s Boost Weekly Power Peel Pads.

Extra tips:

  • If you drive a lot, use fingerless sunprotective gloves, available on amazon
  • If you get gel manicures, request a LED light for curing, NOT a UV lamp

All these procedures and products are available at The Derm Institute. Our hands do so much for us every day, isn’t it time they got a bit of pampering?


Call The Derm Institute today for specials celebrating FDA’s recent approval of Radiesse for hands at 310-939-9800.

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