Giving Superhero Makeovers for the Surgically Averse Man

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We all know the look of a masculine, virile man . . . Modeled after superheroes as we know them, the chiseled jawline–no double chins, no slackening of skin– gives the sense of confidence, strength, being in shape and of course youth.

More and more men are seeking non-invasive cosmetic procedures to give them not just a competitive edge on aging, but in the workplace as well. A well defined jawline, without saggy double chins, portends strength and success, yet was previously determined mostly genetically. Nowadays, subtle and completely natural appearing enhancement can occur in about 30 minutes at a dermatologist’s office.

Look at profile pictures of CEO’s and you will see the chosen LinkedIn shots tend to be angled to highlight a sharp, masculine, superhero like jawline. Maybe it is our obsession with superman and batman (who prominently only shows his jawline), but this feature somehow conveys to the human eye a sense of control, power, and intensity–characteristics that often define success.

Weight loss, getting fit, and skincare do not address the jawline laxity that starts occurring as early as 30s in both men and women. That is because bony remodeling and the resorption of jawbone occurs over time, causing the skin to appear more lax over the weakened underlining scaffold of bone. As the skin loses laxity, the under chin fat pad (aka the dreaded double chin) becomes more prominent, and that border between the neck and jaw somehow starts to blur. Some men are under the misbelief that working out can improve this–but it can often worsen the condition, as stronger neck muscles can pull down the jawline skin even further.

Most men who come to The Derm Institute or seek a dermatologist’s help can’t identify this exact issue. But they do notice a slackening and tiredness of the face, a sense of weight gain that shows around the jaw, and of course the double chin. There’s a reason men in their mid thirties suddenly sport some sort of facial hair–as this often masks the lack of sharpness in the jawline and gives a shadowing to give an impression of definition.Malejawline


For all you superhero, CEO, and success inspired men out there– don’t fear, nowadays there are numerous options and methods to re sculpt the masculine jawline:


1. Botox/Dysport.

Advanced techniques can be utilized to reduce the downward pull of muscle fibers in the neck, known as platysmal bands, on the jawline to give the face better contour. This is an easy, painless 15 min procedure.

2. Kybella.

For those with a prominent fat pad under the chin, a newly FDA approved series of injections can be used to essentially destroy the fat cells that give you the dreaded double chin appearance. Non-invasive and with minimal downtime, this is an exciting new development in jawline rejuvenation.

3. Fillers.

Some patients are born with a “weak chin”, or the bony remodeling over time makes the chin appear smaller, losing the strength of a sharp jawline. With products like RadiesseVoluma, Restylane Lyft, and Sculptra, advanced cosmetic injectors such as Dr. Chiu can resculpt, relift, and redefine the entire chin and jawline area in less than 45 minutes. Results are immediate for those who love instant gratification with minimal downtime.

4. Radiofrequency tightening.

Breakdown of collagen with age, sun exposure, smoking, and genetics causes thinning and loss of elasticity in the skin. Radiofrequency can heat the collagen, stimulating new collagen production and tightening of collagen fibers to redefine the jawline.

A lot of these procedures can be combined for the best results depending on each individual’s needs. The Derm Institute is committed to a comfortable low pressure environment for every patient to discuss their concerns. See someone with extensive experience in treating men, such as Dr. Annie Chiu, as specific techniques are important not to feminize the male face. Instead we can help you work towards a chiseled, non-jowly, confident you.

You are all superheroes at TDI 🙂

…Shared by The Derm Institute Team