Get Lyfted! FDA Approves Restylane Lyft

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Restylane LyftIt’s here! The FDA has approved Restylane Lyft! This is a dermal filler with a history of longstanding safety. It is a unique product that has over 15 years of proven safety data, and is a hyaluronic acid product previously known as Perlane.


What’s New?

This is the First and only FDA approved filler that is indicated to address multiple areas of the face. This includes the cheeks and smile line areas. These are the areas that have a more pronounced appearance as we age because this is where we lose the most volume in our face.

Its WOW Factor

TDI refers to Restylane Lyft as the “one syringe wonder”. We can use it to safely and effectively lift the cheeks, soften the smile lines, turn up the corners of the mouth, and soften under eye circles. It is a great choice for someone who may be looking for a product that can target a large area for volume enhancement, achieving a natural and beautiful lift.

Why should you use it?

With age we lose collagen and this causes volume loss in the face. This leads to sagging or droopy areas of the face. This can lead to heavy folds near the mouth and feathering of the central part of the face. Restylane Lyft is specifically targeted to provide top tier results when it comes to restoring volume and lifting the face in these areas.

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