Battle Winter Dry Skin!

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TDI’s Tips on the Absolute Best Ways to boost hydration to dry winter skin!

The Perfect Time for Moisturizing . . .

  1. Within 5 Minutes of Showering:xeracalm cream

As soon as you get out of the shower, moisture starts getting pulled out of the skin from contact with air.  This is the best time to put on your body moisturizer, as it locks in your skin’s natural moisture.  We love Xeracalm Lipid Replenshing Cream to fight dry cracked itchy skin.

  1. Right After Shaving: 

Dead skin cells are exfoliated during shaving, allowing the perfect opportunity to get increased penetration with a moisturizer.

  1. After Washing the Dishes: 

Load up on a hand cream.  Most hand washes are detergent based and antibacterial which disrupts the natural skin barrier, leading to dryness and itching.  Moisturizing immediately after washing will protect this skin barrier.  Neutrogena’s Norwegian Hand Cream is a classic.

  1. After Making Out!: Korres lip butter

Kissing makes the lips dehydrated and flaky because of the evaporative effect of it going from wet to dry repeatedly.  Load up on a lip balm after a kissing session :).  Dr. Chiu loves the buttery feel of Korres Lip Butter.

  1. Before You Hit the Sack:

During sleep, the skin’s trans-epidermal water loss is increased, meaning moisture is pulled out of the skin while we snooze.  By using a slightly heavier night cream on the face, like SkinMedica’s Dermal Repair Cream you are protecting your face from dehydration.

  1. When Jetsetting for the Holidays: 

Get a heavy duty moisturizer with urea and slather it on your feet and pull on comfy socks.  Recycled air on planes is extremely dehydrating, and a moisturizer plus the occlusive effect of socks will leave your soles soft and hydrated.

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