Let It Glow With AquaGold Booster

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Want to get glowing for the holidays? Looking for another way to reduce fine lines, improve texture, shrink pore size, and bring dewy moisture to the skin? Introducing the newest treatment to be brought to The Derm Institute, The AquaGold Skin Booster Treatment.

IMG_4427What is AquaGold? Consider this an uber scientific mega facial treatment with no downtime. Using 24 carat gold hollow point needles thinner than the width of your hair, TDI uses the AquaGold system to deliver a proprietary mix of Botox, hyaluronic acid droplets, and antioxidants to deeper skin layers.

The beauty of this new treatment is its ability to improve skin texture and overall glow, which we all want! Applying anti-aging products, such as antioxidants and growth factors, directly underneath the skin allows these products to be absorbed more effectively and with a longer duration of effectiveness for each patient. AquaGold allows you to show your skin at its best. Superficial amounts of neuromodulators tighten pores and reduce oiliness. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid fillers are delivered in a micro-droplet form to boost hydration levels deep within the skin and to increase firmness. The result is smooth, fresh, and invigorated skin.

AquaGold Skin Booster treatment is also virtually pain-free. Our proprietary mix of glow boosting ingredients is customized to the patient then products are placed in the device and AquaGold is pressed into the skin using an overlapping pattern across the treatment areas. This technique ensures that the anti-aging products penetrate the layers of the skin, leaving it looking beautiful, dewy, and glowing in a matter of minutes.

IMG_4429So why is the AquaGold Skin Booster Treatment perfect for you? By targeting superficial wrinkles and fine lines, the procedures uses its small needles to give you a natural, and smoother appearance with no downtime.

Watch the magic of AquaGold, for yourself, in this short video.

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