Introducing the Newest Filler on the Block: Juvederm Volbella

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Frequently Asked Questions…

1. When is Volbella available?

Now!  Juvederm Volbella is now FDA-Approved and available early at The Derm Institute.  As an Allergan Medical Facial Aesthetic Speaker Trainer, Dr. Annie Chiu is among the first physicians to be offering this fine line lip filler in the United States.   As a premier injectable expert in the Southbay, Dr. Chiu also had advanced training in Volbella.

2. What is Juvederm Volbella used for?

image1Volbella is a “fine line” hyaluronic acid filler used to soften small etched lines, especially around the mouth.  It is not meant to give “big” or “full” lips, it is for the most subtle of lip enhancements or to attack pesky vertical lip lines that are aging in appearance.

  • To make vertical lip “smoker’s lines” or “lipstick lines” disappear
  • To give crinkly lips a glossed appearance so they look rehydrated
  • To better define the cupid’s bow, or M portion of the lip
  • Define the lip borders
  • Upturn the corners of a downturning mouth

3. Where else can Volbella be used?

Volbella is a durable, extra smooth gel that can be used for any fine, etched line or a thin-skinned area that needs softening of hollows.  Examples include:

  • Undereye hollows
  • Etched horizontal forehead lines
  • Etched crow’s feet
  • Deep etched frown lines that do not completely improve with Botox

4. What makes Volbella different?

Volbella is in the Juvederm Voluma  family.  The special VYCROSS technique allows this injectable filler to be administered with virtually no swelling or downtime while still giving long lasting duration.  The ultra smooth gel also allows it to be completely natural looking.

volbella before and after


5. How long does Volbella filler last?

Volbella typically lasts about 1 year in duration.

6. Does it hurt?

Volbella is pre-mixed with anesthetic, and we always use topical numbing to ensure a comfortable experience for our patients at The Derm Institute.

7. Is there downtime?

Volbella filler for the lip, etched lines, or undereye is unique in its formulation in that there is virtually no swelling or bruising, making this a true lunch time procedure.

Come experience Juvederm Volbella today by contacting our clinic and get a little magic courtesy of Dr. Annie Chiu

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