Vanquish ME And TDI’s Shrink Wrap Technique

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Vanquish ME and TDI’s Shrink Wrap Technique • Taking Non-Invasive Fat Elimination to the Next Level

What can give you visible fat reduction in just 2 weeks? Vanquish ME –Now available at TDI!

VanquishME2016_newsletterv2So what’s the buzz on this service? Vanquish ME is the new and re-vamped technology in the next generation of non-invasive fat reduction. The ME in Vanquish ME stands for Maximum Energy. This means that compare to traditional Vanquish, there is improved tuning capabilities on the machine which allow for much higher thermal energies to be more focused and concentrated in the fat layer. This results in a more even heating treatment and higher treatment temperature, resulting in faster, and more dramatic results.

The Vanquish ME can reduce fat on the whole abdomen, back, and flank to flank areas. This is a great way to treat that stubborn belly fat and to eliminate those pesky love handles without the need for surgery. The Vanquish ME also utilizes radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin given it a smoother appearance.

The Vanquish ME fat loss system utilizes non-invasive, non-surgical radiofrequency energy to target the fat layer by gently heating fat cells. Previously, Vanquish results were seen with four weekly sessions, now with the Vanquish ME  you can see results as early as two sessions and the even more optimal results with the recommended 4-6 sessions to the treatment areas.

TDI also offers the unique “Shrink Wrap” technique that tightens and targets the back and abdomen sections effectively treating both sides in one treatment by tightening and “corseting” the entire midsection. With Vanquish ME Shrink Wrap patients are seeing slimming results in sometimes just 2 weeks!

Want to Kick off 2016 with a great treatment plan to non-invasively contour your body and eliminate fat? Vanquish ME is perfect for you this year! Say goodbye to that dreaded “muffin top”, “love handles”, or “bra-bulge”. Vanquish ME is also a great way for soon to be brides, grooms, or even tropical vacationers to prepare for their special event or trip.

The Derm Institute is currently the only location in the South Bay area where you can get your upgraded Vanquish ME treatment, so don’t forget to contact us today to schedule a treatment!

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